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Texas Aces!!!!

active 29 minutes ago

Hi y’all! This group is for Texans who are asexual/ gray-A, etc.

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Group logo of Panromantic Aces
Panromantic Aces

active 29 minutes ago

This group is for aces (asexual, gray-a, demi, etc.) who identify as panromantic to be able to show themselves as such, since this site only recognizes two genders and only lets you be ”looking for” one gender.

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active 2 hours, 15 minutes ago

Lesbians from near and far welcome!

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Group logo of Aces of Maryland
Aces of Maryland

active 14 hours, 35 minutes ago

A group for anyone living in Maryland so we can find aces near us!

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Group logo of Anime/Manga fans
Anime/Manga fans

active 14 hours, 43 minutes ago

A group for fans of Anime and Manga :3

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Group logo of The Cat Club
The Cat Club

active 14 hours, 43 minutes ago

Cats are people too! Gather here for cat lovers from all walks of life!

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Group logo of The Dog House
The Dog House

active 14 hours, 51 minutes ago

This group is for the dog lovers of Asexualitic. It seems most people here are cat lovers so for the few who love dogs more, or those who love cats AND dogs feel free to join.

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Group logo of North America
North America

active 15 hours, 30 minutes ago

For those living in North America or interested in a relationship with someone from The USA or Canada.

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Group logo of Comic lovers
Comic lovers

active 15 hours, 31 minutes ago

For people who like to read comics. Be it DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Vertico, Archies or any of the other that I haven’t mentioned. Come join and talk about the comics you love.

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Group logo of Paranormal lovers!
Paranormal lovers!

active 15 hours, 33 minutes ago

Those who love everything paranormal!!

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Group logo of Tumblr

active 15 hours, 34 minutes ago

All the ace folk who have a tumblr, come hither! Exchange URLs, talk about fandoms and other things. General umbrella that also covers all the other groups listed.

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Group logo of London calling
London calling

active 17 hours, 44 minutes ago

A group for asexual Londoners.

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