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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    At its most basic level, I’m looking for a companion to share the rest of my life with — romantic or platonic, I’m not sure that it matters much to me. I just enjoy the company of other people much of the time, even though I’m an introvert. I guess the term, ”ambivert,” really describes me best.

    I’m looking for someone who is spiritually inclined but not religious. This is most important to me. I love to have long conversations about spiritual matters — about unconditional love and peace and kindness and gratitude and forgiveness.

    I’m looking for someone who will cherish my uniqueness, who doesn’t mind that I wear overalls nearly every day or mind being seen with me in my lime green Jeep! A sense of humor is also a must, because I love to laugh! I also prefer someone who doesn’t always need to be DOING something. I am much more of a ”be-er” than a ”do-er.” I really like people who enjoy just BEING and connecting with others on a soul level.

    Non-negotiables:  must be a non-smoker and must love cats and be friendly and kind to teddy bears and unicorns! I also prefer someone who doesn’t drink a lot of alcohol. I, personally, don’t drink any alcohol at all and never have. I’m not into cannabis either. Someone who enjoys good vegetarian food and chocolate and coffee and chocolate coffee is a bonus!

    Finally, I prefer someone who is financially stable. I’m not looking for anyone to take care of me, but I also prefer not to be financially supporting someone else either!

    About me

    Trying to describe myself is always difficult for me because I’m not someone who fits easily into a nice, neat little box. I came across a quote a long time ago that I think describes me pretty well: ”I’m different. Always have been. It took awhile but I have accepted that I am a magic not meant for everyone to understand, so they question. That’s okay. I will stay in my lane being all magical and stuff.” (~author unknown~)

    I guess the easiest thing to do would be to just share some basic information and go from there. First of all, I’m heteroromantic, perched somewhere on the asexual spectrum. I may be a little grey, but I’m honestly not sure. I do enjoy hugs and kisses and hand-holding. Those are not things that I have to have, though. I enjoy purely platonic relationships as well.

    I’m one of the few people I know who actually had a happy, albeit somewhat unusual, childhood. My parents were my heroes and always among my best of friends. Unfortunately, they have both passed over, and I miss them terribly. I was also married for 31 years. I’d rather not go into a long discussion here about that particular situation, however, because it was extremely complicated (what an understatement!). Let’s just say that I learned many lessons from it, and for that, I am truly grateful. I’m also thankful to have finally moved on! LOL

    I have two amazing sons who are genuinely wonderful human beings that I’m beyond proud to call my own. I know that they will both make a positive difference in this world. My oldest son is 26 and has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and my youngest son is 18 and is now studying Mechanical Engineering in college. Both of my sons were actively involved in robotics for many years (from elementary school through high school), and they now spend much of their time giving back by mentoring. Since it was their dad who started their teams, most of our family time was spent discussing robotics 24/7 year-round. It was honestly the glue that held our family together.

    Education-wise, I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Library & Information Studies; however, I’ve spent most of my years focused on raising my kids and doing volunteer work. My specialization in graduate school was children’s and young adult literature and children’s public library and school library/media services. The volunteer work I most enjoy is working with senior citizens (i.e., those who are more senior than I currently am! LOL). When I was young, I spent a great deal of time with my grandparents since my parents had a business and worked long hours, and I always enjoyed hanging out with them and their friends. I also have some hospice volunteer training, but I’ve not had the opportunity to use that training except with regard to my own parents. Of course, over the years, I also did a lot of volunteering in the schools where my kids were. Oh, and I’m also a Certified Laughter Leader! LOL

    Things I like to do: reading or listening to audio books while I do other things (imagine that!), researching whatever strikes my fancy at the moment, walking/hiking, going for coffee or dinner with friends, laughing, and creating memes that marry the magical with the mystical for a Facebook page that I have. I also enjoy random road trips and visits to flea markets and antique shops and festivals of all kinds, including fairy festivals! One thing that I think I’d like to get involved with in the future is bird-watching. I inherited a love of birds from my grandparents and my dad. So, basically, I enjoy the quieter things of life. Extreme sports are definitely not my forte.

    Genres that I like to read and watch are fantasy, some science fiction, mysteries, and spiritually-related and metaphysical topics. I’ve probably watched every Star Trek episode from every series multiple times (I started watching the original Star Trek every afternoon when I was in elementary school). I’ve also watched almost every Stargate episode multiple times. And, of course, I’ve seen every Star Wars movie multiple times. What can you expect? I was married to a physicist who was passionate about his science fiction, and he passed that on to our kids as well. So, in all honesty, it wasn’t MY passion for science fiction that was responsible for all my sci-fi viewing. It was simply a fact of my life. My personal favorite series is the Harry Potter series, which isn’t science fiction at all. I also enjoy the Tolkien stories (i.e., The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy). And of course, I love children’s literature of all kinds. It isn’t unheard of to find me hanging out at the local Barnes & Noble store, sitting on the floor, and looking at picture books!

    Hmmm… what else???  I love animals, especially cats. I’ve always had cats. I love dogs as well, although I’ve never had one. I have two cats who share my space at the moment. Rosie is a 16.5-year-old Siamese, and Gandalf is a 6.5-year-old gray cat who looks a lot like a Russian Blue. He was a rescue, though, so there’s no way to tell, and it doesn’t really matter anyway! I’m a vegetarian currently, but I’ve also spent many years as an ethical vegan. I’ve been vegetarian or vegan for the past 17 years. Oh, and I lean pretty liberal. I’m not really into discussing politics, but let’s just say that I did NOT vote for the current US president.

    I guess you could say that I’m semi-retired. The jury is still out on that, however. I don’t currently work, and I don’t foresee ever going back to work full-time. I’d like to get a part-time job, though, I think, because I like to be around people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an introvert to my core, so I have to have some alone time, but I also enjoy hanging out with people. In any case, I’m currently in a state of transition in my life, and I have a lot of freedom to do whatever I want and to go wherever I want. Other than my kids who are off on their own now, for the most part, I don’t really have any family left, so I’m not tied down by any stretch of the imagination.

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