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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    Someone who considers how they contribute to the world as well as their immediate environment. If you vote left of centre, we will get along.

    Someone who has a playful energy for life. Hopefully you are able to enjoy puns (or able to tolerate). Simultaneously, someone who is able to be still & strives for serenity.

    Someone who is academically minded and/or able to hold space for deep, thoughtful dialogues. Someone who finds respectful, open-minded & inclusive conversations satisfying.

    Someone who is already happy on their own & would welcome a potential life companion into their space.

    About me

    British Born Chinese (BBC). Scottish accent, often mistaken to be Canadian. I tend to get along with nerdy people.

    Being a monogamous demi-romantic,  it takes me a greater amount of time to ”fall in love”. It worries me not, fortunately I am good at keeping myself occupied. I would much prefer to be with a compatible partner in my 50s & bring up a puppy than be with an incompatible partner in my 30s & bring up (a) child(ren).

    Being multi-lingual, I am neither here nor there, yet always inbetween. I slip between languages & occasionally mix up cultures. I am responsible & serious when life demands. Occasionally, a much goofier side comes out to play & I am delighted when finding myself in a battle of wits amongst friends. With Buddhist/Taoist influences, I am agnostic.

    Being demi-sensual, I enjoy hand-holding, cuddles & kisses once we know each other well enough.

    I am not looking for a Long Distance Relationship (LDR). Being demi-sensual, I’d like to be physically close with a partner whilst watching a film or reading a book. However, if you live outwith (Scottish word not many people believe exists) UK & wish to have a pen-pal type friendship, I would be open to that.

    Without a paid membership, I will not be able to access messages nor contribute to forums/groups here.

    Should you wish to write  –

    If you are the one who clicks on ’Add Friend’ first, I would really appreciate an introductory email. I’m not one to ”collect” so please only add with the intention to write.

    If I am the one to click ’Add Friend’ first, it is because something you have written has made me consider you a kindred spirit & I will write you- please provide an email contact.

    I’m not entirely closed to the idea of a relationship forming during lockdown though it’s not a priority for me. Please don’t try to be a personality you imagine I would like (I value both our time). I like people who are just themselves – whether a logical or creative mind or somewhere inbetween.


    EDIT: To the person who’d sent a message on June 23rd – I have no access to messages. Please feel free to provide an email contact.

    I am not one to ”collect” profiles, if our conversations have come to a natural end, please feel free to remove yourself from the list of friends. I have also removed ones where a significant time has passed with no (further) correspondence.

    I may not log on frequently but happy for you to contact me via the email listed within my profile if you feel we may have high compatibility as friends or more.


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    Lisa ^_^


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    Cantonese, English




    Buddhist / Taoist


    Nature, Reading

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