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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    A life partner, a best friend. Someone to talk to, go places with, live with and to love.
    I am pro romance, I’m very happy to hold hands, hug, kiss, cuddle, touch etc but as you would expect I just don’t have interest in anything beyond that. Having physical contact is important to me.
    Personality wise, someone who has similar interests to me would be great, im not the kind of gal whos going to take up hiking and camping (regularly at least). So im seeking a geek or gamer or something along those lines. Id love to be able to play Nintendo games with someone, to have someone to play MMORPGs with, to have an Overwatch partner etc. I’d love to have someone to talk to about the latest episode of attack on titan or other anime.


    About me

    The better words to describe me quickly would be Otaku & Geek. I love my anime, i like my games and i like technology!
    I’m generally a pretty quiet person, for me the ideal weekend isn’t going out drinking at the beach, its a weekend either at home or with friends just casually chatting, playing video games or even maybe breaking out a few board games. I also like to read, both novels and manga.

    Some key factors, i’m not overly attached to South Australia so would consider moving. I don’t want kids. I have 3 cats, i’m ok with dogs. I enjoy travel, but really need a travel partner =)

    A bit more about me:

    I do have a few tattoos

    My fav band is Disturbed

    Fav Movies: Howls Moving Castle, LOTR/Hobbit, Harry Potter, Tangled, Avatar

    Fav TV Series: The Witcher, GOT, South Park, Outlander, Lucifer

    Fav Anime: Black Butler, Himouto, Hellsing, Hakuouki, Nozaki-kun, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Attack on Titan, Spice & Wolf, Log Horizon

    To chat please:

    You can add me/chat with me on Steam: Friend Code 92224293, please introduce yourself & where you found me.

    Otherwise Snapchat: username kaylajaensch

    or KiK: sakurageek




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