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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    Email at the bottom of about me. Heres a pretty decent link to a reddit post I made describing me ”
    Someone who is empathetic and also wants to strive for constant self-improvement.
    Someone who is great at communicating; I’m really /not/ into the passive-aggressive comments or ”subtle” gestures that  people do instead of just saying,”Hey, what you did bothered me. Can we talk about it?”.
    Nor the ”I didn’t want to bother you/hurt your feelings, so  I just let it fester until it amounts to a relationship-ending problem”.
    Someone whose childfree[don’t hate kids, far from it, I get along quite well, but I don’t want to be a parent].
    Someone whose either open to moving to the UK eventually or in the UK would be best, I feel with my goals.
    Someone who at-least likes dogs would be nice.
    Someone who wants to be a /partner/; I’m not in it to be a second mom/maid. Seriously, we’re both adults, we can work together and clean up/cook equally.
    Someone okay with not hanging out all the time, ideally with either a group of friends on their side, okay with being alone sometimes, has enough hobbies/passions/projects to keep them busy. I don’t want to feel neglected or ignored, nor do I wish that for you, but separation is key to not feeling constantly suffocated.

    About me

    Who I am?

    I’m 20 years old down in South California. I’m a mix of looking for the upside/lessons in life and constant salty humor to avoid actually being offended by stupid shit in life. I constantly strive for self-improvement to become the best person I possibly can be. I’ve been told too often to be ignored that I help people to the point where I neglect myself, but frankly helping others genuinely makes me happy so I feel its a fair trade off. Some things that may give insight into who I am as a person:

    – I love nature, just being and admiring nature. Whether that’s walking in a botanical garden and fan-girling over cool, giant trees and plants or admiring the turtles and koi swimming around. Or just sitting at the base of a giant tree, rolling down a grassy hill, picking up cool feathers or leaves that wore away enough to see their beautiful inner veins.  Admiring flowers, feeling the smooth and silky texture of each individual flower that builds up to a gorgeous picture is so wonderful. I consider dandelions a flower despite knowing its a weed. I could star-watch for hours, I found it insanely cool when I realized I could see the milky way and planets. Done so falling asleep outside in the rain, no regrets whatsoever. Despite this, I’ve never gone camping.
    -I love to cloud-watch, childish perhaps but that’s probably what I am anyway. I just love to see what I can see and what others see.
    -Cloudy, misty, and rainy days are my absolute favorite. I enjoy the cold that comes with them and the warmth that comes from huddling under the blankets with my dogs and tea to get warm.
    -Terrified of spiders but wish them luck as I release them a block away from my house.
    -Smile stupidly for an hour after I get to pet a random dog on the street.
    -Been told I tip people way too much, despite just feeling bad if I don’t tip well, it also encourages me to eat out less so I feel it’s a fair trade.
    -Love natures shows but will cry when a baby animal is eaten but feel sad if the predator is starving.
    -Find studying plants and animals super cool.

    Sexuality and other things that wont change/be negotiated

    I’m Asexual, which if you’re unfamiliar with the term, it means I have no desire nor drive for sex, this isn’t something that’s going to change nor will I negotiate about it.

    I’m also child-free, I don’t hate kids, quite contrary I get along quite well with them, but I by no means do I want them nor do I want to do them a disservice of giving them a parent who doesn’t want them. I love dogs, and I don’t really see a future where I don’t own a dogs[trained and not aggressive]. Even if we’re together for years and you try to convince/negotiate me into changing one of these things, even if it breaks my heart there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll end that relationship.

    What I look like:

    I’m 5”8, 190 pounds. I’m tan, chubby looking with wild curly hair that’s so edgy it has to defy gravity and float upward in an majestic fro. I have brown eyes,a chubby face, and eyelashes long enough to almost be pretty if they didn’t try to stab my eye out every day. If we hit it off I’ll give you pictures relatively quickly, mainly cause I’m way too lazy to figure out how to put pictures on reddit online.


    I’m a 20 year old adult who recently came to the revelation that despite the past miserable years, I really owe it to myself to try to live and be happy. I’ve started to take better care of myself, my depression, my medical needs, and I truthfully feel a lot better compared to the start of the year. I’m over-weight at 190lbs, so my next hurdle is to get it down to a healthy weight with better diet and exercise this year: just bought some dumbells to start. After years of volunteering with animals, I was lucky enough to get a chance to get insight into my life-long dream of being a veterinarian… And I realized it’s not the field for me. After a year of just feeling numb and completely lost without a goal in life, I finally set some finalists down of what I want to be, my favorites being Botanist and Piano Tuner. For many reasons, I want to go down to study and hopefully live in the U.K, more specifically England.

    Hobbies, passions, and pasttimes:

    -I’m a huge bookworm, I love reading fantastical books, varying from tame to things like Game of Thrones Ice and Fire and Stephen King books. I go through about 3-5 books a week when I have the time. I also enjoy reading books like ”Art of Communication” and other self-reflecting/bettering books.

    -I love to cook from scratch, I like to learn how to bake despite not being so good at it yet.

    -I used to be really into running, I’ll probably get back into it soon. I miss the serenity when I matched my rhythm with my foot-falls, the early morning bikers who took care to wave hi every time they past me, doggos on walks, the bike trail I used to go on, the early morning sunrise… I miss it a lot.

    -I love going on long hikes, forest paths are gorgeous.

    -I love going to museums, aquariums, and botanical gardens.

    -I hope to get more game consoles but for now I only game PC games, some I’m have/interested in is on Steam”Cuphead, Astroneer, Hollow Knight, Feist, Owl Boy, Limbo, Portal, Little Nightmares, Don’t Starve[together], and Papa and Yo”.

    -I love getting to pet dogs on my way somewhere and telling someone excitedly about the magical encounter.

    -I love seeing really cute, small moments between people.

    -Feeding ducks make me happy. As do stupid memes/funny videos[doesn’t help that I laugh very easily].
    -Love to feed pigeons, just feel like a cute old person.
    -Love looking at people’s eyes, eye colors are cool, but I more so mean seeing peoples eyes light up in joy or get that bright, passionate look as they rave on about what they love, I just love seeing it. I also like what I can see when I can look in someone’s eyes, if that makes any sense. I generally look into people’s eyes when I talk, and if I don’t like what I see it makes me nervous.

    -Debates are awesome so long as both sides don’t take things personally.

    -Philosophical talks/debates about human ethics I also enjoy.

    -And if it’s not obvious by now, I love writing out long messages.

    -Sentimental moments/messages/gifts also mean a lot to me.

    -Adore listening to music, I do spend an abnormal amount of time listening to songs. Some favorite artists are: Crywolf, Illenium, Ludovico Einaudi, Glass Animals, 5 Seconds of Summer, Sleeping at Last,Starset, Secession Studio, game soundtracks, Two Steps From Hell.

    If this sounds like something you’d like to try out, I’d love to hear a message from you then!

    ヾ(。・ω・)シ  Warm regards,


    If any of this sounds like someone you’d be interested in, email is ”” I check it rather frequently.

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