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    Sorry for my bad English


    The site does not allow me to choose more answers some questions . And so I find myself slightly in difficulty . What I look for is a person with whom to share my life . A very close friend with whom to spend most of my time . To travel , to wade film sprawled on the couch or in the bedroom . Go to the concerts. Talking and laughing . A person with whom to share everything. Generally , my thoughts go always to girls . Why I am attracted to a certain level of sweetness that only with them can recognize. But if the feeling is right , and I ’m comfortable I do not exclude , however, also the boys . Especially people older than me . Since I am not interested in sex. Count what I see inside people . In their eyes and in their smiles . Their soul .

    About me

    In my heart I always felt asexual. From child to arrive at school and until now. I always felt different from most people. I’m not very good at explaining. This is why I call myself asexual and just. Not fully understanding all the nuances that this implies. For me it has always had a huge importance on friendship sentiment. And still it is so. I have few friends. But good. I do not feel special requirements. But as time passes. And the idea of growing old and dying only occasionally touches my mind. And I do not like. And then I think it’s fair compromise with myself. I’m fine alone. But really I just want to be forever?
    I love music so visceral. Hardly spend a day without listen to something. To me it has a fundamental role in my life. More than just a passion. I also love movies and TV series. And when I can I also like to travel. I like art in general, although I do not consider myself an expert. I do not like crowded places (apart from the concerts) or where you have to have appropriate clothing. I like pubs, dark beer, walking, night, reading, chocolate, cats, unanswered questions, Charles Bukowski, Radiohead.

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