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    I am looking for somebody that I can relate to in a very special and unique way. I’d like to meet someone who is patient and trustworthy. Somebody with a good heart that isn’t afraid to express who they truly are. I’m seeking someone that is in touch with their emotions, and understands the importance of communication. I’m looking for someone that likes to travel. I’d like to meet someone that is humble and kind to others. And most importantly, someone that LOVES food!

    I came to this site hoping to find a good friend first, and a partner second. Something beautiful can start from a simple conversation.

    I don’t have a membership here, so I hope you’ll come chat with me on kik. You can also shoot me an email!

    Kik: Cerulean.Kyanite


    About me

    Hello, friends!

    This is my first time seeking out other aces online. I look forward to meeting some great people that I can relate to!

    A little about me.

    My favorite thing to do is express myself creatively. I have a degree in fine arts, and I like to paint on giant canvases. I’m big into impressionism and crazy looking abstract stuff. I like to go out into nature and take photos and sketch for upcoming paintings. I absolutely love the outdoors.

    I do a lot of graphic design and illustration work as well. I like to make logos and I also write a lot. A future goal of mine is to publish a graphic novel or a children’s book!

    I like to cook a lot, and I love food. Cooking for others is something that I’ve always enjoyed.

    I’m not much of a gym rat, but I do like to stay fit. I like to run, jog, and go on hikes. I also like to go on long and peaceful bike rides.

    I used to smoke cigarettes but I don’t anymore and never will again! (I do smoke cigars occasionally.)

    I’m a PlayStation gamer. I’m really looking forward to The Last of Us Part 2. And I’m a big fan of open world games.

    I like movies and tv series. Black Mirror is one of my favorites. I also geek out over most documentaries.

    I’d like to get out and see the world at some point. I’m a bit of a history geek, and would like to go to Europe and explore a medieval castle or two!

    Kik: Cerulean.Kyanite



    P.s. Kyanite is a cool looking blue mineral that I came across online. I’m not an avid mineral collector, but I thought the name of it sounded pretty rad, and there’s a spiritual meaning behind it that I thought was pretty interesting… so now it’s my username!

    Kyanite’s frequency encourages the examination of all aspects of oneself, the various interests, skills and knowledge that creates the uniqueness of one’s identity, and how it can be used for one’s Soul path on Earth and in finding a life-fulfilling vocation. It encourages listening to intuitive guidance and living with integrity of purpose.

    Kyanite helps overcome a victim or fatalistic mentality, and the resignation of oneself to the recurring emotional patterns that create blockages in the energetic field. Kyanite can bridge the connection to those patterns and quickly create new energy flow and a shift in one’s perception to the world. It assists one in remaining functional in extreme situations, promotes a more logical way of thinking, and encourages resolute action.

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    Animals and Pets, Art, Cooking / Baking, Driving & Cars, Food & Wine, Listeing to Music, Nature, Reading, Vidéo games, Watching Movies, Writing

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