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    WHERE are all the  older asexual born before 1973 Generation X.


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    I’m  a childfree, casual ,introvert  , non materiality  straight woman in her  early 50’s/born in 1970 . I love  playing classic board games, road trip travel , 80’s music,  politic wise  progressive liberal  independent and watching soap opera.  I’m looking  for :  1. friends . Straight or gay asexual  men or women born between 1967-1972   2.  DATING . a  heterosexual  asexual man who is born  before 1973. He has to be boyfriend  or husband material not anti relationship.   He  CAN’T be judgmental so if you love to judge  people looks, disability, weight, skin color , people sexuality and income, bye.    I’m looking for a  free spirit  , adventurist and  very very very very romantic man . He has to be mentally  and EMOTIONALLY  available . He is not into intercourse or outercourse but  fine with holding hands , and occasional kiss .  I really want to know ,how romantic can a man be on  Valentine Day , birthdays, Christmas, anniversary, New Year Eve and  non important days.  Being romantically creative toward a woman, it can be free to million dollars. How creative can you be ? PS I’m a true  introvert  and we love our personal space. I don’t need to physically see a person in person  or talk to a person on the phone daily   but I do love/ prefer  to hear from people online  via email/ text /audio chat anytime and sometimes video chat once i get to really know a person.  When I do socialize  with people off the internet, I usually do get together once a week or once a month with people in  NON crowd places or event. I love in depth conversation with  people not chit chat.

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