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    I’m still working out how to label myself and what I’m looking for. My best guess currently is heteroromantic demi/semi sexual. I haven’t ever been in a serious relationship, maybe was in love once but it’s really hard to tell for sure. My limited experience of sex tells me I don’t enjoy it but perhaps if I had a very strong connection with the person I could. I have historically enjoyed kissing, cuddling, spooning, hand holding, etc. I’m very torn between just living out my days alone with some cats (I really like cats, doesn’t sound like a sad fate at all. I tolerate dogs. Except maybe Beagles, they’re pretty cute.) and continuing to exert energy into this universal search for a partner. I’m pretty tired of it at this point to be honest. I really like being alone and prefer it to most people’s company. Most people exhaust me. But some part of me must think the former sounds rather lonely ultimately, because here I am. I’m afraid Disney and Rom Coms have ruined me and my expectations for a relationship are just too high.

    So, I guess, best case, what I’m looking for is someone patient who is okay with the fact that I’m still figuring things out and someone who feels like home. I want someone to laugh with more than we do anything else, a best friend, someone who will do weird things with me, like go to the National Museum of Funeral History on a whim or have a whole conversation using only gifs.

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    I grew up in Hawaii. Only child. I’m somewhat of a wanderer, never staying in one place or doing one job for very long. I’m very smart and hard working but I haven’t made it as far in a career as I could have because of that. I tend to feel restless and get bored easily. I’m currently back in college in LA with a bunch of 20 year olds training for a career as a singer/actor/dancer in musical theatre. Who knows if it will stick? I want to quit all the time. It’s hard, man. I would love to live in Paris someday and learn French. I’m well traveled and speak okay Spanish from living in Guatemala/Argentina for nine months. I like British and Australian accents. I’m fairly optimistic and very kind, sometimes to the detriment of myself, but I’m working on that. I’m a gluten free vegan most of the time. I’m getting into meditation. I like things clean, organized, and quiet. A wonderful time sounds like having a delicious pasta dinner with some jazzy music in the background and a small glass of wine. Going clubbing is my idea of hell. I love going to bed early and waking up early (or sleeping in is nice too). I have a sense of connection to something bigger than myself but I don’t worry too much about naming it. I like to believe everything is connected and everything is heading towards an ultimate good. But again, who knows? I’m not socially awkward, I can be very charming, but social situations are draining and I need a lot of alone time. I’m undecided on having kids. I think I could go either way depending on whoever I end up with. I love diners, lyrical dance, string lights, and cutting veggies with a sharp knife. I hate kitten heels and people who play their music really loud in public, I’m not a big fan of swearing either. Hello, nice to meet you. I can’t see messages here so find me @aieeaio on Insta. Heck, here’s my email too:

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