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    You have to have a sense of humor, and know how to carry a conversation. I’m an introvert, however I can be social although I don’t prefer it. I’ve been in relationships before and Its never been quite right. I’m fine with not having sex, and a purely romantic relationship would be great. I can be overly affectionate sometimes, with kisses and hugs and such, if you don’t mind that then even better.  I do like a girl who wears heels though, not all the time of course but on special occasions. I can do a  long distance relationship as long as you put effort in. I know I will. So with all that being said, message me and lets see where this goes! 🙂

    About me

    I enjoy reading, especially 80s horror books. I like watching horror movies as well, I am currently trying to collect and watch all the best horror films. I am a homebody but I do like going out to the movie theatre as well as concerts and festivals purely for the music.  I feel like its time to do all this with someone special someone I can laugh with, have endless hours of conversation or just sit in silence and enjoy each others company. We can watch a movie or go out and have a really fun date. I’m all up for fun dates and non stop laughing! I’m especially up for spontaneous dates!  So now with all that being said, send me a message !

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Do you really need more informations ? 😉
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