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    I Do Not want sex or any type of sexual relationship!!!
    I am ONLY interested in Asexual romantic relationships or friendships, (and ONLY friendships with sexuals). I am an extremely laid back genderfluid, biromantic asexual. I have spent the last 23 years trying to please everyone else and make them comfortable in relationships, sexually. But now, it’s my turn. I have always been asexual and gay, but have been in denial and listening to others who have tried (along with me), for many years to change and ”fix” me when there is nothing to fix. I’m free and I’m looking for women or men to share my interests and time with. If you’re interested in the things I am, in continually learning for the rest of your life, and are asexual, please contact me.

    I have passed my massage boards, but ended up quitting due to having emergency brain surgery.  I never became licensed and on the 6th of this month (Feb 2018) had another emergency brain surgery in my new home town of Seattle, WA.

    I enjoy learning about all types of subjects. I am very interested in learning about War and war tactics and the reason why we continue to sometimes make the same mistakes we did in the past. I enjoy seeing how we learn from the past as well. I especially am interested in learning about World Wars I & II, the Civil War, Slavery of all kinds, discrimination and Ancient Warfare.I love studying about different religions because I believe that you can always learn something from all religions. But I am a pagan and practice witchcraft avidly. I focus on my spiritual personality, while using history and life lessons as a tool to hone my spiritual personality.I study stregoneria italiana and La Vecchia Religione with a friend in Italy. I love any study that includes Italian history, food, language, culture, etc…. The same friend I mentioned above who lives in Crema, Italy, helps me with my Italian.I enjoy music and playing musical instruments. When my son was younger, I started my own band and wrote my own music. I play the bass guitar, piano and clarinet (badly as I’m not partial to reed instruments). I also play the recorder (bass, tenor, soprano, alto and piccolino), but I prefer the bass and that was the one I got to play in school the most. I also love singing.  I crochet now and sell items on Etsy

    I am really good at listening to others and getting a feel for where they come from. Of course, sometimes I’m way off, but for the most part, I am pretty good at it and I feel as though I have made very close friends that way. I enjoy people and have a rich life because of that.

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