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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    Sapiosexual – attracted to intelligence in others

    INTP/INTJ personality type – sometimes I get one and sometimes the other one..rly confusing

    Currently, I’m based in Germany because I’m doing my master’s course in biochemistry there.

    Based on MBTI, my ideal partner should be ENTJ. But I think that INTJ can fit amazing as well 😀


    Constantly trying to get away from the system…don’t let the system shape you…wake up!!


    I want to make friends with similar interests. Not a fan of small talks. I love exploring new cities and nature. Music is my passion – rock/metal, synthwave, retro-games, drum&bass, and trance. I love playing video games, my favorite genres are sci-fi, indie, horror, mystery, I prefer story-rich games singleplayer. I am very open-minded and always ready to hear different points of view and new ideas. I love to discuss science, philosophy and the purpose of life. There is no weird topic for me, the weirder it is, the more interesting it gets. Stargazing has to be one of my favorite things to do and to keep reminding myself how small the world actually is. My brain works at full capacity at night after midnight – nocturnal animal one can say


    Everyone is welcomed to contact me, I want to make friends here (male/female). From my experience, asexuals are very knowledgeable and the most interesting people on the planet. When you don’t think about your primitive sexual intentions, your attention is totally focused on your career, hobbies, interests, and desire to learn new things about the world and yourself.

    I always had a mind of an entrepreneur and I plan to start a company after my education. Having a boss or a person that tells me what to do is driving me insane, also the working hours. I go by my own rules, ideas and manage my time, because, with a great amount of time and your own powerful creativity, you can create and achieve everything, even change the whole world (for the better or worse).


    I would love to find an intelligent woman with great ambitions who can understand me. I want to create a deep emotional bond with her where sex is not important.

    Even though I am socially awkward, I prefer to meet people in real life much more than just chatting. I mean chatting is good to confirm and see whether the person shares common interests with you, but for me, it will always be something totally artificial.


    I know that my description is too long and probably boring for reading but I had to do it. In the past, my description was 3 sentences long and very shallow and superficial people started to contact me. A conversation that starts with ”how are you?” and ends up after 10mins with ”bye”. I need someone special, different, even weird and awkward…Just don’t be average. I tend to dislike mainstream things that people usually like :\

    Whatsapp: +491782934482


    About me

    I’m an introverted individual (INTP) sapiosexual. I love science, nature, video games, and movies/series. in other words I’m a typical geek.

    I love to have long discussions about the purpose of life

    INTP personality

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