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    About me

    Hello! I don’t know what I should put here; but well


    I enter this page because I really have an interest in meeting and approaching asexual people, in my city there is not much variety in terms of sexual dissent and therefore I feel a bit self-conscious about hypersexualization everywhere.


    i studied art, as well as the art of philosophy, and now I am studying Political Science.


    I love aesthetics, movies, animals, science and art.


    life imitates art


    And I wouldn’t know what to say besides that!


    Kisses; ❤

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    La Rioja

    I am a


    Looking for a


    Marital status



    English, Spanish




    None / Agnostic


    Animals and Pets, Art, Driving & Cars, Listeing to Music, Music, Social work, Watching Movies, Writing

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When life gives you lemons, make a battery.

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