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  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    If you have a sense of humor, you’re masc, and preferably the strong, silent type, you’re my type. Plain and simple lol

    Btw beards and/or red hair are pluses.

    I’m particularly looking for a relationship (even a friendship leading to a relationship), so I’m more responsive to messages from men.

    About me

    Hey, y’all! <3 I’m Nathaniel, but I also go by Aki! The producers want me to say something interesting about myself. Ummmm… I speak Japanese? I broke the same bone 2 and a half times and then cut the tendon so now it doesn’t bend all the way? I love to hug nice, warm men with beards? Idk lol. Just a guy looking for my complementary partner.

    Relatively feminine Black guy with a sweet, energetic, and funny, yet warm, soothing, and chill personality (depending on the atmosphere lol) looking to shower my boyfriend with compliments and affirmation. I love close intimacy, like handholding and cuddling.
    I’m not super into video games myself, but I’d LOVE to have a boyfriend who plays them so I could watch him play or fall asleep to the controller sounds. <3
    This is really long but I’m trying to be out there so I can find the perfect one lol sorryyyyy

    Kik: akihiko64


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    Animals and Pets, Art, Cooking / Baking, Nature, Watching Movies

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