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52 / Woman / Widowed / Franklin, Indiana

Smart, sarcastic (but not mean), seeker... not a fan of summing it up in cute bullet points which isn't a great thing for an online profile but we'll both have to live with it. I don't have a plan around dating or making friends. I never have had a plan and...

elle aye

39 / Woman / Single

I'm light hearted and am always joking. I can see humor in almost any situation. I also love, love, love animals. Enjoy working out and trying new recipes and am a bit too honest and kind 😉

Red Cimpoesiu

32 / Man / Single / Hamilton

I have always know I was an ace since I was in highshcool would like to met someone else like me. I do plastering, drywall, painting, carpentry.   Facebook:  Red Phil Shaman


29 / Woman / Single / Kankakee

I'm Wren, I'm a 28 year old nonbinary person looking to make friends and maybe meet someone! I enjoy hobbies like art, video games, writing (I do long-term collaborative roleplay, and have for almost 15 years), anime and television, creating my own little universes and having fun with them. Constantly looking...


41 / Woman / Single

Eleonora Gjorgjievska

26 / Woman / Single / Skopje

I am a veterinary medicine student, not yet a vet, but im getting there. I am a red cross volunteer, a blood donor and a lifeguard. I am a shy person, but once you get to know me i am usually a very witty and can crack some good jokes. I...


43 / Woman / Single / Madrid

Me gusta la aventura, la montaña, el buceo, acampar, viajar a lugares poco turísticos...Pero sobre todo amo la fauna salvaje y su observación. Soy amante del cine, teatro y fotografía.


50 / Man / Single / Newcastle Tyne and wear


23 / Woman / Single


41 / Woman / Single / paris

French, Curly, (Very) Romantic, Caring, Committed, Passionate, Enthusiastic, Very sensitive, Dreamer, Talkative, Un grain de folie/fantaisie ! (somewhat quirky and playful at times !) Literature lover. (Too much) Information/Blog/Youtube addict. I love exchanging, sharing, reading (and writing), debating, learning, long letters, lively conversations, humour (who would'n't like it ?!). I'm very sensitive to...


35 / Man / Single / Marseille


24 / Woman

I've always been more introverted, but can be very outgoing around the right people. I love to travel, try new food/recipes, spend time with my pets, play guitar/sing, write/read, binge tv shows, and am an openminded individual. Seeing someone's eyes light up when they are passionate about something they love...

Sabrina E

19 / Woman / Single / West chicago

Hello my name is Sabrina. I really enjoy playing video games, but I also enjoy the outdoors and going on walks and looking at the stars. I play pc games like league of legends, csgo, and hearthstone. You can add me on discord at BlobLeader#2337 if you want. I’m currently...


29 / Woman / Hamburg

Grad student (International Politics and International Law). Still wrapping my head around what Asexuality is. I am straightforward and I love a good discussion! But sometimes it is the quiet moments that I enjoy most, with the right person next to me... you know when silence doesn't feel awkward. Haven't been to South America or...


30 / Man / Single


36 / Man / Single / São Paulo

Add me on Skype:


49 / Woman / Single / Yverdon-les-Bains


19 / Woman / Single / Istanbul


26 / Woman / Single / Mendoza


24 / Woman / Single / Madrid

Hi! I'll introduce myself in English although I'm from Spain. My name is Maria, and I like all the stuff related to Arts, specially as far as music is concerned. I usually spend my days studying (Sociology at college), hanging out with friends or playing/listening to music, but I also like to...


27 / Woman / Single / Northern Utah

I've been away from this site for several years, because it wouldn't let me log on until recently. Everything is pretty much still the same about me. Let's just spill it all out: I'm demi, I'm stubborn, I love fossils, I'm chronically ill, I'm happy with my life, I love...

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