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19 / Woman / Single / Christchurch


49 / Man / Divorced / Lausanne

Homme hypersensible empathique, sympa, ouvert d'esprit et à l'écoute


35 / Woman / Single

Hello! I would like to meet new ace friends 😉 I enjoy photography, music, movies, documentaries, reading, travelling...  


33 / Man / Single / london

Hi I'm a genuine guy from london,I'm kind,moral, compassionate.down to earth.   I've been mostly asexual for a while ,dont tend to engage in alot of sexual activity.but however I do like some sex occasionally,it's the case that I just don't feel sexual urges alot to engage in sexual activity.this doesn't mean...



I'm shy at first but once I know someone I warm up.  I can be a bit sarcastic.  I enjoy board and card games... video games too.  I like music, and although I'm shy, I'll do karaoke after a few drinks... preferably beer and bourbon.  Occupation wise, I've owned a...


19 / Woman / Single

I'm a data science student who is also interested in vegan cooking, bikes, tabletop gaming, hiking, and sustainability! E-mail:


36 / Woman / Separated / Chicago

I'm on the grey scale, sapiosexual, not huge into touch all the time but occasionally do want a cuddle and kiss and companionship with romance and romantic gestures. I'm the head of house in my one-parent household, I've worked for myself for 5 years and homeschool my three year old....


32 / Man / Single


31 / Man / Single / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


38 / Man / Single / Victoria

ॐWell....not really a summary but a mini novella....Please forgive my format but I must lay it all out there for you to decide - this is how I work, I have very very very long term relationships...and if I don't lay it all out I am left to answer for...

V (= I + U)

37 / Man / Single

WARNING: I may seem boring at first, but once you get to know me, I’m even more boring. Everything interesting becomes boring in sometime. So, lets start with boring:P I'm Low-key, Low-profile and Mysterious Human. I suppose Only God can judge me. I'm still a puzzle unsolved and uncertain and this...


33 / Woman / Single

Always looking to meet new people from all over the world. I'm a full member so I receive messages. My interests include; British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf culture Disability, homeless and mental health issues Yoga Aerial silks Music Theatre Performing Arts Creative writing Dance Keyboard Volunteering Feel free to ask me if you want to know more. I'm very friendly!


66 / Man / Single / Southern Ontario

Me?... I’d describe myself as heart-centred, romantic, affectionate, playful, easy-going, well-spoken, chivalrous and well-mannered. I’m also spiritually oriented, a lover of beauty, emotionally available, a touch sentimental. My interests?... Laughter, the mystery and beauty of nature, art, architecture, historic sites, design, organic and artisanal foods, poetry, beach-combing, drives in the country,...


24 / Woman / Single / Manchester


20 / Woman / Single / Kansas City

I'm a panromamtic asexual. I’m very energetic, ambitious, and stubborn. I love to dance, win card/board games, kayak and spend time with family. Currently working towards an undergraduate degree in psychology. I am a vegan and I also love conspiracies and crime shows. Contact me on.. Snapchat: iverina instagram: Ivee.slaughter email:

Annabel Stewart

31 / Woman / Single / Augusta, Georgia


24 / Man / Single / London / Bath

Hey. I'm Glenn. I'm heteroromantic asexual. Recently realised I was aasexual and looking to meet others who are the same. I don't know any asexuals currently so would be cool to get to know new people, especially my age. Travelling and going on adventures is my favourite thing, have been...

Johnny Five

36 / Man / Single / ATHENS

Erin Thought

23 / Woman / Single


37 / Man / Single / San Francisco


26 / Woman / Single

I'm a bit shy but just at the beggining. I love books and movies (specially thrillers) and music is the most important  thing in my life. I like playing the guitar, drums and singing. I'm into rock & pop from not particular decade. When I have some time, I like...


21 / Woman / Single

I’m a dedicated vegan since 2016, PlayStation gamer and aspiring writer with a weird sense of humour.  You’ll often find me giving belly rubs to my sweet lil husky, Kato. ♡ Please note, I do have various mental health issues so I would appreciate patience and understanding. I’m happy to talk...

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