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Gage O'Brien

26 / Man / Single / Elkhart

If you do not have a membership you can feel free to contact me via my email ( I am a homosensual man looking for a likeminded companion based on the information above. I am actually not asexual, but I realize after many interactions that my fellow homosexuals - at...

Gregory Lawrence Eidson

29 / Man / Prefer not to say / Monrovia


30 / Man / Single / Paris

It’s something that you will have to find by contacting me 😉 I will do my best to respond to all the messages that I will receive. See you. C'est quelque chose que vous devrez découvrir en me contactant 😉 Je ferai mon possible pour répondre aux messages que je recevrai. A+


25 / Woman / Single

I'm a transportation engineer by day, and I like to keep active after work hours; but sometimes I can be a major couch potato too. Some things I enjoy spending my time on are playing and watching sports, shows and movies, and video games. I also love spending time with friends...

Chris Smith

33 / Man / Single / London


27 / Man / Single

Hi everyone. My name is Tom and I am currently studying business economics in Rotterdam.  II really like to make/play some music. This could be piano, guitar or singing. I also like to go to festivals or have a night out. My other interests are series/movies, soccer/football, traveling, hanging out with friends...


29 / Man / Single / Sterling

Hey everyone, I'm Tim. I'm 29 years old and living in Sterling, CO. I just moved here from Fort Bliss because I got out of the army and decided to be a correctional officer. I was born in Gainesville, Florida and raised in Sacramento, CA. I've never been a very social...


33 / Man / Single / Edinburgh


41 / Man / Single / Austin

I see a lot of foreign terminology on profiles here. I have no idea what my official postmodern pseudo-scientific sexual classification is, or what most of them even mean. I just know my drive is much more tied to affection than sex. I'd much rather be cuddled up & making...


25 / Man / Single

  I never liked to write about myself, but i can try. I’m actually very sociable, and I love meeting people. I deal with information technology, Java programmer. Enjoy good music, movies and series, especially dramas. I have visited many countries, and I want to visit many more. My wish is...

Nathan Sullivan

33 / Man / Single / Adelaide

I'm a relatively quite person; not shy, just quiet. I tend to prefer to listen, but if I get talking on a topic I'm passionate about, I can go for a while, rambling my opinions and thoughts. I'm told I'm also really good at giving good advice, so there's that....


23 / Woman / Single


19 / Woman / Single

Sophie Thompson

28 / Woman / Single / Hull

So, I’m useless at writing these things! I’m a student veterinary nurse so I love animals! Wouldn’t be without them. My main hobby, if you’d call it that, would be video gaming. It can make a bad day better for me. Apart from that I like nice walks, films and...


31 / Woman / Single / Asheville

This was written back in 2015 or so. I will update eventually. Most things are still the same. I'm a hetero-romantic a- or demi-sexual. I prefer to hang out with a friend at home rather than go out and be social. You can usually find me in a comfy chair with...


33 / Woman / Single

I currently live in Western France. I'm French, I've lived in England, Scotland and Germany, and I'm always thinking about my next travel destination! I spend quite a lot of time reading books but I have a lot of different interests such as yoga, learning foreign languages (German and Korean at...


35 / Woman

Nice to meet you! Adventurous-Romantic-Gourmet.  I work as an international trader (export/import). I think I am a classy girl, who has good sense of humour. I am well-educated, and intellectual. Owing to my job I consider myself as a strict business women. Apart from this I am warm-hearted and passionate, kind...

Steve Livesey

45 / Man / Single / Lincoln

I'm going to be honest with you all from the start as that is something that is important to me.  I've suffered with anxiety and the odd panic attack for many years and at one point in my life became Agoraphobic for a while.  I also suffer with Health Anxiety...

Zoie Saige

22 / Woman / Single / Toronto

I would describe myself as authentic, down to earth and open-minded. I'm passionate about life, I think everyday is a new opportunity to learn and grow and I'm always working towards being the best version of myself. I love being outdoors and adventuring. I'm a little bit of a nerd and...


23 / Woman / Single / Bergen


28 / Woman / Single / Newport News, VA

I used to tell people that I'm quite the shy person, but after dozens of people have told me otherwise, I suppose the better word would be introverted. It just depends on the time of day or the mood, but by in large I am a loner...who just so happens...


28 / Man / Single

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