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24 / Woman / Single / Belfast

I like to draw, play the fiddle(learning to), listen to music and laze about most days with a cup of tea. I love teddy bears, pajama days, cartoons/anime, Red Dwarf is one of my fav shows ever~ I'm shy and not much of a talker at first but i like to...



Hi, I'm Ash. That's usually where I get stuck... 🙂 I'm a sports fanatic and currently have a dream job working in the media department of a top football club. I have a degree in sports journalism and am very lucky to now be able to put that to use! During my...


23 / Man / Single / Gateshead

Describing myself is weird. I'm Paul, an introverted guy, a bit of a nerd,  INFP if that helps. I love stories. Silences are usually filled for me by one audiobook or another, and I spend a lot of my evenings planning and playing D&D with both a group of great friends...


27 / Man / Single / Bristol


32 / Woman / Single / Oxford

I'm a sensitive, caring and friendly person. I like spending time with close friends but also like my own space at times. I like the gym, spending time with friends, drinking cocktails and thinking about the meaning of life 😉

Elena C

35 / Woman / Separated / Bournemouth

Hey. I am a bit of an energetic, explorative enthusiast, kind in heart. I love nature, pine forests, hikes, snowboarding, sun, budget trips:) I’m caring and affectionate, cuddles, affection and romance mean a lot to me. I absolutely can’t stand arrogant, sarcastic and opinionated people, just so you know haha. I’m a...


33 / Man / Single / Edinburgh


37 / Man / Single / London

I'm a maths teacher with interests in cricket and the card game bridge mainly, but also golf, cryptic crosswords, the theatre, football, quizzes and puzzles. I love a good joke, mainly puns, and am a big fan of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. My favourite TV programmes are the...


26 / Woman / Single / Manchester city centre


29 / Man / Single / London

I'm pretty laid back but I'll always stand up for what I believe in. I try to be a good and kind person. I'm the guy who knows everyone at work and plays the extrovert to make others more comfortable, but I'm definitely an introvert at heart and I like...


41 / Woman / Single

  • Hi everyone In brief I Value honesty kindness loyalty and compassion I like traveling,learning new languages, watching documentaries and i enjoy volunteering when possible and love all kind of animals


36 / Man / Single / Leamington Spa


25 / Woman / Single

I’m 25, enjoy being active & a healthy lifestyle... spend time bouldering, cycling & running. I’m into a wide variety of music, enjoy comedy, board games, making art, reading, video games, travel & generally going on adventures/doing new things! Feel free to message me on kik; kellyl95_ Happy to chat to...


43 / Man / Single / Leeds

Ashlyn Eve

21 / Woman / Single

Note: I probably won’t message you first even if I think you’re really cool, but I probably won’t respond to dry messages. I’d also appreciate it if you read my profile in its entirety since it took a long time to write. Thanks~   I’m not very good at describing myself, but I’d...

Georgy Marlowe

67 / Woman / Single / London


27 / Man / Single / Newcastle upon Tyne

Hi I'm Peter. I enjoy the great outdoors, cycling, music, art, trips to the pub and good food. Looking for new friends and see where it goes. Not a full member so can't send messages but feel free to drop me a message. Instagram _pthompson12.


25 / Man / Single / Kent

This is the first time I've done anything like this. I've been meaning to give it a try but keep putting it off! I would like to meet someone who I can be in a serious long-term relationship with. Pretty much a conventional relationship, just without the casual sex! I would describe...


61 / Man / Divorced / Any


73 / Man / Single / London

I'm quiet, kind, sensible, sincere, serious, introvert who likes books and music and friends who are comfortable with companionable silences! I'm looking for a nonsexual relationship but that does not exclude physical attraction or a degree of physical intimacy if the chemistry is there.  Above all I'm looking for an...

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