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31 / Woman / Single / Bristol


37 / Man / Single / Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

Hi, I am Sam, an androromantic ace from Hertfordshire. I am currently taking time out from working, after having done 90-hour weeks for several years in various mid-management positions. I spend a lot of my free time working on my own personal created universe, which is extensive and entails a lot of...


20 / Woman / Single / Manchester

David Hodgson

28 / Man / Single / London

Looking for a romantic relationship with a man not based around sex. Email


31 / Man / Single / Wakefield


26 / Woman


44 / Man / Single / Liverpool

wayne tew

36 / Man / Single / sheffield UK

Hi I'm Wayne from Sheffield in the UK. Im not going to write a long essay here has im not particularly great at writing stuff down off the top of my head lol. Add me on facebook if you like, kind regards.


52 / Man / Single / Exeter

I am a friendly person with a great sense of humour. I have a generally positive approach to life and enjoy spending quality time with those that are important to me. I read a lot and love films (particularly sci-fi). Music is a big part of my life - I not...


35 / Man / Single / Leamington spa


37 / Woman / Single / Havant

I have a 4 year old daughter. I'm Polish I don't smoke - I hate cigarettes in general and I drink very rarely I don't like horror movies but I do enjoy cartoons 😉 Not sure what's the most important to write about, I guess everyone has different priorities, just ask then, I'm not on...


19 / Woman / Single / London

I like rock music (mostly classic) , animals, TV series(nerd), science, cooking, reading(you can see i don't spend much time outdoor). Interested in both genders My instagram username: neleacrutii Lea is short for Nelea (russian name no one can pronounce right, so had to take a nickname when moved to england) I don't...


47 / Man / Single / Sheffield


34 / Man / Single / Liverpool

Feels like I'm the only Asexual gay guy in the UK, is there anyone out there? Id love to find someone special to live my life with. Utterly rubbish at filling this kind of thing in, message me to find out more, message me on here or KIK johnj085 Let me know your off...

callum robson

32 / Man / Single / Liverpool


32 / Man / Single / Greenhithe, Kent

I tend to be on the quiet side, I am more of a listener than a talker. I am calm, sensitive natured some might say reserved. My friends describe me as a caring guy and i am trustworthy, many of my friends seem to tell me all their problems. I like...


29 / Man / Single / Eastbourne

New beginnings and new dreams! I'm an adventurous guy and love travelling and meeting new people when I get the opportunity! 34 countries and counting! I love walks in the country, picnics on the beach, nights out with friends and nights in on the sofa. I'm hoping to find Mr Right...


33 / Man / Single / Cambridge

I'm a tall, brown eyed, athletic, mixed, coffee-loving, candy-obsessed, Canadian ace! I run, do hot yoga, and sometimes train for circus arts. I also occasionally dabble in gymnastics and I'm pretty good on a tennis court - and yes, I'm one of those people that thinks they are just as good...

Chris Smith

32 / Man / Single / London

Hey there, thanks for dropping by - I'm Chris, from West London. I think friends would describe me as honest and thoughtful, with a fun-loving attitude and fairly dry sense of humour! I'm very family oriented, easy going, and have a newly formed passion for running and fitness. I work in London...

Stephen Chilver

25 / Man / Single / Kesgrave

Hey, My name is Steve! I’m hoping to become a photographer, and it is my dream to travel the world with my camera. I’m a great lover of squash, chess, and I play the guitar (badly, I might add!) Anyway, here are a few random bits of information about me:   Most Interesting Food...


38 / Man / Single / Guildford


44 / Man / Single / Birkenhead

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