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Lisa Fury

43 / Woman / Single / Leigh

I like the simple things in life, going for meals out, spending time with friends and retail therapy! I love my pet ferrets, and my little smart car. Ive recently started taking part in les mills exercise sessions, but to be honest im not the fittest person in the world,...

Yağmur Cenk

32 / Man / Single / Bursa

I'm monogamous demisexual & demiromantic kik: tednec


40 / Man / Separated / Innsbruck

I'm a very tall man with "good proportions", i.e. I don't have six-pack abs, nor do I have a huge beer-belly. Because I'm so tall pictures taken with me and "average-sized" people tend to resemble scences from the "Lord of the Ring" movies where Gandalf is standing next to a...

[email protected]

34 / Man / Single

I am looking males who do not demand any sexual deed/appeal from their male partners...those who prefer non-sexual physical closeness to another male Long term relationship is preferred


29 / Man / Single / Portland

I'm a calm, reserved, down to earth, ISFJ personality, homebody type of guy. I enjoy making art and being inspired by it. Listen to music every day, especially alternative metal. Love all types of horror and sci-fi medium such as movies, shows, and comic books. I'm down to...


18 / Woman / Single / Fairfax

I love books and makeup and spending time with my friends. One of my favorite things to do is to find weird facts and then force my friends to listen to them. I hate creating dating profiles cause this is the most awkward thing I've ever done. Also It'll be...


49 / Woman / Single


29 / Woman / Single / Perth

Heteroromantic Ace looking for friends to game with and maybe find my player 2. INTJ personality, Ravenclaw, Gemini. I work as a bookkeeper, Cats are my favorite animal. Causal Anime fan Currently playing- World of Warcraft, Starwars the old republic, Subnautica and Splatoon 2. Discord - Kalypso#6258 Battlenet-  Kalypso#11760  


41 / Woman / Single / London

I am warm, friendly, sincere, loving and considerate. I am an attractive, slim brunette. I look and feel younger than I am. I am looking for a long term relationship share life's good moments with.


26 / Woman / Single / New York

I'm about good humor, good conversation, and general empathy. I put my Masters degree to use by essentially helping others every day. I also strive to keep learning and to increase my understanding of the world. My list of places to see in it is ever growing - faster than...


22 / Woman / Single / Albany

INFJ I own a 4-month-old puppy named Jasper. I enjoy going for walks but also staying in and watching tv. I am currently a college student. I work for a photo/video production company. I love animals, especially goats. I live in a small city and I enjoy the convenience and atmosphere of a city environment. However,...


31 / Man / Single / South Island

I'm a young professional Kiwi. Quite shy, rather quiet. Enjoy the outdoors, traveling and various hobbies.


42 / Man / Single / Salt Lake City

Fun loving, active guy, originally from Portland, Oregon.  Outgoing and like to make new friends.  Having a good outlook on life and always seeing the good in others has proven me well in making lasting friendships and relationships.  I have lived here in Utah for the last 18 years.  I...


24 / Woman / Single / Albany

I am a very outgoing and easy to get along with. I am a big planner, but at the same time I can go with the flow. I am new to the concept of asexuality, but after reading up on this, it all makes sense.  I love my job as...


44 / Bulgaria

Brody Cousins

27 / Man / Single / Ballarat

Hey, well I'm a geek. I collect comics, play video games, watching tv shows and movies and love reading. I also like walking, going to see friends and camping not that I have had much of a chance to do that for a few years. If you would like to talk...


26 / Man / Single


36 / Woman / Single / New York City

I'm a native-born New Yorker, but I feel more at home in the country. I love to travel, especially to Europe. In fact I often wish I had been born in Italy. Reading is my favorite thing to do in the world. I love classic books, classic movies, classical music...


37 / Man / Single / Montreal

Je ne suis pas vraiment asexuel... mais probablement pas assez sexuel non plus (on dit "gray asexual" dans le jargon c'est ça? Je suis un peu nouveau dans le domaine...) Mes autres intérêts et aptitudes... et bien je suis à la fois plutôt geek ainsi qu' artiste. J'aime beaucoup toutes les...


40 / Woman / Single / Devon

Asexual Author/Entrepreneur. I am lively, bubbly, energetic Heteroromantic Asexual, I love blogging, Vlogging, and living a quirky life to the max, and I have a 21st mindset and I enjoy living like a teenager to the max! Hence why I have more in common with younger guys! If you want to...


27 / Man / Single / Den Haag

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