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Oak Tree

33 / Man / Single / Pirot

I am a graduated did my Master of Science at Department of Physics. I like to swim and play violin. You can see me in this video: You can write me here too: I'm cupioromantic, sex and touch repulsed hardcore antisexual (literal asexual). So asexuals in...


20 / Man / Single

If you want to chat feel free to message me on discord, my name is F4TF0X#8624


22 / Woman / Single / Johannesburg

Brian Bauer

49 / Man / Single / Eugene

My name is Brian. I live in Eugene, OR and I have a wide range of interests. My favorite hobby is playing pool. I play in tournaments several days a week and I own a 9 ft pool table in my home. I also like reading...


23 / Man / Single / Memphis

Bear with me while I try to jumble over a multitude of bombastic adjectives to catch your eye whilst describing my mess of a life. I'm a fairly taciturn yet kind person. I might come off as reserved and quiet at first but give me some time and I'll warm up...


47 / Man / Separated / Halifax


21 / Woman / Single / Nassau

Ali O.

29 / Woman / Single / Palm Springs


24 / Woman / Single / Long Island

I'm a grad student working towards my MFA in costume design and technology for theatre. I love zumba, the music of Queen and Abba, Disney movies, musicals, and I like anime more than I would like to admit. It's hard to meet people outside of my program at school so I figured...

Miguel Cruz

24 / Man / Single / Orlando


59 / Man / Divorced / Montpellier


33 / Woman / Single / Milwaukee

Dru bloodworth

22 / Man / Single / Milledgeville


29 / Single

Generally a bit loud and stressed and panicky, sometimes quiet or loud in a chilled way around people I really like. Creative in various ways, although not good at music. Happy to chat to anyone. May or may not be very active on here. Try me on instagram or tumblr instead...


26 / Woman / Single / Southampton

I'm kinda sarcastic, nerdy and bad at telling people things, so you'll have to put up with all of that. I also have a thing for dogs, books and Christmas. I watch way to many TV shows and always up for new things to binge. I love horror films and crime...


28 / Man / Single

I'm a Christian, a nerd that loves comics, and I love MMA. Shoot me a message on my email if you want to find out more.


25 / Woman / Single


36 / Man / Single / Glasgow

I have a 3 year old child that means everything to me. I know children are not for everyone but feel best letting folk know now before hand. I've been here a while and met many nice folk. Actually dated someone from here for a while so it does happen. I'm massive...


27 / Woman / Single / Gold Coast

I am a workaholic heteromantic ace city girl that lives a sedentary life (more of a homebody). Mostly private with a few close and reliable friends. It takes awhile for me to open up (can be very chatty if we are close). I am born introvert but I have some...

Ginger Ayell

53 / Woman / Single / Detroit



Hey, I’m Faith, and here’s just a bit about myself. I’m an ENFJ-T (Myers Briggs), Episcopalian Christian, foster mom with the city’s animal shelter, a big sister, and a Cybersecurity research engineer for my company. I started suspecting I was asexual when 16, and became gradually more convinced over the years....


21 / Woman / Single / Reims

I'm pretty easy going. I love to laugh and i'll be willing to talk about anything as long as we keep an open mind ! I'm a student to become a social worker (especially to work with disabled kids) ans I love it. And now I don't know what else...

Alexander Martin

18 / Man / Single / Kennesaw

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