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Hannah Warfel

18 / Woman / Single / Indianapolis


35 / Man / Single / Bristol

Discovering the asexual community has been amazing, I’m very proud to be asexual and want to promote understanding of asexuality, and equality between all people. My interests include charity work, history, politics, science, long walks and holidays. Email [email protected]


33 / Woman / Single / Tulsa

I am a graduate student in social work who wants to work with refugees. I've worked with refugees and internally displaced persons in the past and been involved in activism for these populations. I have also spent time working on organic farms and am...


25 / Woman / Single / Birmingham

I'm fun loving, somewhat immature and a little bit shy (mainly with new people and big groups). I love discovering new songs, and shows on Netflix - So send me your reccommendations!   My core passions are travel and creativity in all forms; music, theatre, art etc. I haven't had the opportunity...


45 / Bulgaria


18 / Man / Single / Boonton


33 / Woman / Single


29 / Man / Single / Fort Walton Beach


25 / Man / Single / Conshohocken


36 / Man / Single / Union City, NJ

This loneliness, just won't leave me alone...oh no. ~portishead   Hi everyone. I am new on here, so I will be adding more soon. I am hoping to find friends to connect with. Eventually I'd love to find someone special. I'm dedicated to not only healing myself but helping others heal and...


28 / Woman / Single

Greetings! Thank you for visiting my profile. I am Eve, a 28 year old single, never married, demisexual, straight cis woman with no children living in the DC area. I'm a Christian Universalist (I believe everyone will be saved and reconciled with God) with Anabaptist leanings such as nonviolence, voluntary simplicity,...


21 / Woman / Single / New York

Hey! I’m Keylee, currently im a college student majoring in psychology and minoring in music performance. I’m an introvert that enjoys a good night in, Netflix and Hulu are a common occurrence and in my spare time I like to explore and go on walks. Feel free to message me,...


31 / Woman / Single / Nashville


26 / Woman / Single / Amersfoort

I'm a Dutch bi-romantic asexual woman. I have never been in a relationship before because I do not know any people to whom the absence of sex would not be a deal breaker. I have a passion for crafts and art such as painting and felt crafts and I like...


27 / Man / Single / Strasbourg


22 / Woman / Single / Seattle


26 / Woman / Single

I am music teacher and pianist. An INFJ who keeps very busy. Three things I find most fulfilling in life are my family and friends, my work, and my faith. I am a very visual person and appreciate the beauty in nature, art, music, and people!

Edwards Nguyen

32 / Man / Single / Sai Gon

I'm Phong, an Asian Asexual Boy. I'm a musician and I compose Country Songs. I'm an affectionate person who always love my brothers more than myself and my life. When I was 8 years old, I desired to have a "super best friend" to spend my life with. But he never came...


21 / Woman / Single / Austin

Hi, I'm Rachel and I just recently accepted that I am ace! It feels a little weird but I'm happy because I finally feel like I know exactly who I am. I live in Austin, Texas and I'm about to graduate from a little liberal arts school with a psychology...


39 / Man / Divorced / Honolulu

I’m one of the good guys! I’m sometimes selfish with my friends and I never turn down an adventure. I grew up all over the place, and I never really learned to call anywhere my home, nowhere I’d been ever felt right. I’m nomadic by nature but I’m hoping to...


44 / Man / Single / Glasgow

Heather Lally

27 / Woman / Single

My name is Heather and I am a co-teacher living in Massachusetts. I love dogs, writing, gardening, and reading. I also like anime, video games (got a ps3 last year) and drawing. I'm a pretty easy going and quiet person. I don't watch a lot of TV, but fav shows include...

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