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28 / Woman / Single / La Crosse, Wisconsin

I'm a 28-year old from Wisconsin who works a lot of hours trying to build a better life for my dog. My prized pooch is named Samwise Gamgee, and I love him a lot!

Vanessa Gonzales

34 / Woman / Single / Corona ca


21 / Chicago

I was never good at writing bios about myself, but here goes! I identify as a grayromantic asexual, so in addition to not experiencing sexual attraction I also rarely feel romantic attraction, but it's been known to happen. I'm currently studying Animation and Illustration at a private art school in Chicago, but...


29 / Man / Single / New york


28 / Woman / Single / ROYAN


20 / Man / Single / London

I'm twenty years old and currently working in luxury retail at one of the world’s oldest department stores in London's West End. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music (The Stone Roses, Oasis and The Beatles are my favourite bands), exploring new places, drinking in cocktail bars and...

Alyssa Allen

19 / Woman / Single / Indiana

Tall nerd that never outgrew her middle school emo phase. Big fan of all things scifi and fantasy. Lover of records, tattoos, and books. Let’s talk about our favorite shows!


25 / Woman / Single / Dallas

Hi! My name is Diana, nice to meet you! It was only recently that I was able to put a name to my sexuality; right now, I would say I fall somewhere on the GrayA spectrum (maybe closer to a demisexual? I'm still not 100% on that one). Needless to say,...


21 / Man / Single / Vancouver

Lauren Amidon

20 / Woman / Single / Athens

I'm currently in college, earning an English degree, and I hope to one day become a published author. I am also currently writing 3 books (I think that's right), and numerous other things like poems and random drabbles. I love binging Netflix and re-reading books. I hate writing about myself,...


36 / Man / Single / Southampton


22 / Man / Single / Wakefield

Very friendly gentleman who is well educated and likes to exercise regularly but not a total utter gym/health freak. I attend Muay Thai (a rather niche martial art in case you're wondering) classes 3 times a week and go for walks/runs with my dog on days off work. Have a...


29 / Man / Single / New York

I'm a rational-minded, outgoing introvert with a love of humanity, discussion, and constant self-improvement. I love cats, and I like dogs—but I definitely prefer living with a cat, heheh. My favorite book is Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations, and I have a particularly keen armchair appreciation for evolutionary biology and the glory of...

Talitha Grimes

21 / Woman / Single / Devon


25 / Woman

My name is Mallory, I'm 25 (though I look and feel much younger!) and I am new to this site. Some of my hobbies include mostly geeky things such as anime, manga, video games, cosplay and conventions. Don't talk to me if you only watch and/or play the...


32 / Woman

Nice to meet you! Adventurous-Romantic-Gourmet.  I work as an international trader (export/import). I think I am a classy girl, who has good sense of humour. I am well-educated, and intellectual. Owing to my job I consider myself as a strict business women. Apart from this I am warm-hearted and passionate, kind...


28 / Woman / Single / san antonio

  • Hey all! I’d like to say that I can be adventurous and spontaneous. The mountains are my home but I love the ocean. I enjoy the simple things in life. I love music, movies, the beach, winter time, plays, breweries, trying new restaurants, and just hanging out enjoying each...


23 / Woman / Kaiserslautern, Germany

Instead of a drearily long description of my faults and favors, I’ll stick with the highlights and what you can expect from me. I am a very laid-back introvert. I go with the flow. While I am completely approachable, I keep to myself unless I’m comfortable with an individual. I equally...


17 / Woman / Single / Detroit

I’m a hopeless romantic from southeast Michigan, and my favorite color is blue! I love animals but especially foxes and otters. My favorite TV show is The X Files, and my favorite book is Don’t Close Your Eyes by Lisa McMann. My favorite music artists are The Goo Goo Dolls and...

David Ferreira

22 / Man / Single / Boston


28 / Man / Single

I'm very forward and open. I love guessing things about people; psychology; philosophy.. trying to figure out the world and the truth. I like being supportive; giving advice on friendship/relationship issues, family issues. Solving problems is rewarding to me. Message me on reddit.  /user/fox99_

Because he took his time getting to know me,...


61 / Man / Single

I seek loving loyal respectful companionship with a woman, sharing intellectual, cultural, music (I'm a percussionist), traveling, and related pursuits. Age/generation and race/ethnicity are unimportant and needless barriers; compatibility, trust, and openness to confide in one another are important and essential. I'm still rather youthful even at this stage in...

Camille Walker

19 / Woman / Single / Elkin

I am asexual and grey romantic. I am rather shy until you get to know me. I enjoy traveling but am usually too busy to be able to. I enjoy most music and do not have a particular song, artist, or genre, that is my favorite. I am a swimmer...

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