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35 / Man / Single / Melbourne

Hello,  my name is Chris, nice to meet you acquaintance. Where to begin.... outgoing introvert, i like people, i like the saying about how it takes all kinds to weave the fabric off life. Been lucky to travel abit and get to see how similar and how different we all are....


35 / Woman

Nice to meet you! Adventurous-Romantic-Gourmet.  I work as an international trader (export/import). I think I am a classy girl, who has good sense of humour. I am well-educated, and intellectual. Owing to my job I consider myself as a strict business women. Apart from this I am warm-hearted and passionate, kind...


34 / Man / Single / Cambridge

Im a country boy through and though. I work on a farm, love animals. I have two dogs, a Kelpie and a Belgian Shepherd which i enjoy taking for long walks. Im at the age now where I would rather be at home watching tv by the fire or a quite...


35 / Woman / Single / Boston

I’m half American and half Bolivian, I’m originally from the Boston area, I’ve lived in California for six years, then in Tokyo for four. I like dancing, martial arts, comic books (Marvel & manga), video games (Zelda & Nintendo), movies (Sci-fi & Fantasy), cats, daydreaming, learning new things, history, antiques,...


23 / Man / Single

Quinn Enestvedt

22 / Woman / Single / Saint Paul

I'm nerdy, geeky, and an otaku. I enjoy games and television, and will almost always be happily up for it, but my true love is reading, sometimes while listening to music. I have eclectic musical taste, and am happy to listen to a new song or artist. I love animals, and I...


28 / Man / Single / Rohel


20 / Woman / Prefer not to say / Artemisa


30 / Woman / Single / Amsterdam

I was born In Brazil, but nowadays I live in the Netherlands for work reasons. I like activities in the nature, where we have the opportunity to move our bodies, like biking, hiking, swimming. I also like staying at home, watching a good movie or TV show, cooking, playing card or board...

Elin Shoback

29 / Woman / Single / Mundelein

Simone Ottoni

19 / Man / Single

I am a calm person, kinda shy when i meet new people, but then i am very friendly and kind. I am a pretty calm guy, i don't like disco, i prefer hanging out/going for a walk with my firends and then drinking something.  


31 / Man / Single / Tilburg

kristian marc

31 / Man / Single / swansea

Ayush Kathuria

21 / Man / Single / Vancouver


19 / Man / Single / Ciudad De México

Hi, my name is Said, i am a student at the UPIBI a school from the IPN, i love music, and because i love it, i am a Dj and producer of music, i love videogame and nature, since i was 10 years old i always knew i wanted to...


34 / Man / Single / london

Hi I'm a genuine guy from london,I'm kind,moral, compassionate.down to earth.   I've been mostly asexual for a while ,dont tend to engage in alot of sexual activity.but however I do like some sex occasionally,it's the case that I just don't feel sexual urges alot to engage in sexual activity.this doesn't mean...


33 / Man / Single / Liverpool

Awkward! I love you !! please don't run away! awww , I kill you!! no, wait I'm sorry please I'll give you all of me! I'm forever loyal. I'll do anything! please don't go.   No but seriously. ;^)


51 / Man / Divorced / Bronx

I'm a unique mix of brainy, silly, strong, and sensitive. I'm happy with where I am in life, though I definitely value continued learning and personal growth. Being genuine is what matters to me, flaws and all, rather than always looking perfect. I’m passionate about hiking and climbing, and had...


28 / Man / Single / Jackson

My favorite type of video game is Turn-based JRPGs and MMOs My favorite Board game is GO its a pass time, I'm not great but I do enjoy it from time to time My favorite color is any type of Blue My hated color is Red My favorite animal is the Wolf...


31 / Woman / Single / Berkshire

I'm a grey romantic A. My tastes in life are eclectic. I'm here to make new friends and to hopefully find a dating partner. Some of the things I enjoy are travelling, music, Art, learning new languages and learning about other cultures. I like to be adventurous. Anyhow, nice to meet you...


44 / Woman / Single / Dayton

A bit of an introvert but have been told I can be overwhelming if I get going on a topic that interests me (think Ruby from RWBY anime). Enjoy the peace of nature. Not a fan of cities. Very protective of my space at times.  Enjoy all sorts of movies...

Tom Van der Hoek

22 / Man / Single / Delft

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