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26 / Woman / Single

I’m really have a hard time socialising and can be very shy. I’m not sure what to say but I love manga, anime, sci-fi movies, cosplaying and going to conventions. I also like doing outdoor activities and cooking.


26 / Woman / Single

Hi my name is Annie, hmmm not really sure what to say here. I'm a postgraduate student, currently doing my second Master's Degree, but this one has a guaranteed job at the end of it, happy days! I love Musical Theatre, Dogs and the cinema.


32 / Man / Single / Leeds

I work as a chef, like being outdoors, like any music I can sing to, and I rate films mostly on cheese factor. And I can juggle. Slightly. I'm also a bit of a nerd. I have a labrador that I love and my own place. Happy going out looking for...


34 / Man / Single / London

I'm a maths teacher with interests in cricket and the card game bridge mainly, but also golf, cryptic crosswords, the theatre, football, quizzes and puzzles. I love a good joke, mainly puns, and am a big fan of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. My favourite TV programmes are the...


32 / Man / Single / Stevenage



You can send me an email at [email protected] but I’m looking for friends and want to hear about asexuality from others, mostly males since I’ve never met a male asexual before and wondering how they experience it vs girls.


39 / Man / Single / Milton Keynes

Where to start!?. Right, name's Jesse. I daydream a lot, my mind will often wonder off on its own & in no particular direction, which I quite enjoy tbh. I read a fair bit, I like a good spy book and at the moment I'm reading as much as...


19 / Woman / Single / Tg. Mures


34 / Man / Single / London



Thanks for coming to my page but I can't send messages at the moment. I will reply you once I upgrade my account. I am Japanese but I used to live in some countries (Europe, south Aisa...) for many years. I am a kind of nomad and looking for my next...

Octavio Sevilla

23 / Man / Single / Guadalajara

I study law , i almost finish my career, i like study reading books about law, medicine , math etc i dont smooke i dont do drugs i dont drink i prefer other things like reading go to the cinema go to park etc I dont have membership you can...

Yukito Hiragasawa

20 / Woman / Single

I'm queer and I'm here! I don't care about gender, I just want to love and be loved. I'm studying translation!^^ My mother language is Spanish, I'm fluent in English and I'm learning Japanese 🙂 Ofc I would love to make new friends but I'm also looking for a serious relationship. I...


25 / Woman / Single / Charleston

Goth but surprisingly chatty most days. I spend more time than I should indoors and online. Horror and comedy are my go-to movies & my music taste can be as eclectic as my doll collection.


23 / Man / Single / Madrid

Hi there! : ) I’m a masters degree student at the Technical University of Madrid, where I also do research. I love having conversations that start lightly, on any random topic, and then slowly turn into deep, meaningful conversations on your view on life and yourself. Getting to know someone at that...


30 / Man / Single / Tripoli

I’m an ace of contradictions: I've got PhD but ain't a bookworm, I work for children around the world, but get annoyed by brats easily, a veteran night owl, but the earliest to arrive at work, and an active employee at work, but coach potato at home. I’m a bit...


27 / Woman / Single / Sacramento/Bay Area, CA

  Hey You. I am Karen...feel free to call me Karen. I am a hetero-romantic but asexual...if that's a thing. If I fully understand what 'gray/grey' means than I am totally that too. I find myself fun and adventurous. And to me fun comes in many different forms. A trip to...


22 / Single / Toledo

I AM TRANS MtF I have not been able to start hormones yet but soon. But I often still appear male and same for my voice. If that bothers you well... sorry? I guess? There now that that is out of the way, I love video games, movies, and doggos. Favorite Video Games:...

Jennifer Jenkins

35 / Woman / Single / London

Introvert, left-wing, atheist, internationalist, bookworm, with a cordial distaste for all things Italian ( I am British-Italian, I have my good reasons) and a recently blossomed love for almost all things Japanese and East Asian. Happily slaving away in a London bookshop for a miserly pay and generous staff discount.


27 / Woman / Single / Krasnoyarsk

I like my work, my studies, travel and healthy lifestyle : I work as an architect - I make blueprints for construction. And study in the magistracy of urban planning. I like to travel through the mountains and walk in the cities: 2014: Ergaki (Russia)/ hike 2015: Kamchatka (Russia)/hike 2016: Caucasus (Abkhazia)/ hike and walk...


27 / Woman / Single / Charlotte, NC

Sherry C. Duchaine

58 / Woman / Divorced


26 / Woman / London

I am originally from the South of England but have moved around quite a lot and I now live in London. I work in publishing as a finance analyst, which is a great mix of my love of books and my love of maths! My main hobbies are: Reading - especially fantasy...

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