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26 / Man / Single / London

I've really enjoy writing, photography, programming and board games. I'm a big fan of science fiction novels. I try make my evenings interesting.  I go out to watch plays, musicals, films and interesting events. I travel as often as I can and usually take far too many photos when I do. I suppose I'm...

Michael P

27 / Man / Single / Maitland

loves playing video games, both old and new, watching movies, listening to music, and being a giant nerd. Hetero Romantic. Asexual. makes game related videos for youtube, and I stream on twitch as a hobby, if you want to watch that, i do it here it's a good way to get...

Zak Wiltshire

18 / Man / Single

I am currently studying Education Studies in UWTSD in the hopes of becoming a teacher. I enjoy cooking although I am not the best at it. If you want to talk feel free to email me on


26 / Woman / Single

Future cat-lady in the making.

Jessica Vazquez

32 / Woman / Single / Albany

Feel free to follow me on social media if you are into nerdy gamer ladies who love talking queer media. (@daburninator22 on twitter and Instagram)


27 / Man / Single

I am kind, a little shy, and I like nerdy things.


25 / Man / Single / Durham

My name is Andrew, I'm a graphic designer and I'm looking for new friendships and possibly a relationship, I'm a person who loves to talk and to know more about other people. I'd love to talk to everyone but I do not have the upgrade account to see or reply  the...

Octavio Sevilla

24 / Man / Single / Guadalajara



28 / Woman / Single / Seattle


40 / Man / Single / Salt Lake City

A bit shy about posting a personal photo, (I know, not fair, but it's an important point with me, though happy to share if and when we strike up a conversation). I am, however, continually being told that I look like a cross between Michael Corleone from The Godfather and...

Christopher Nye

33 / Man / Single / Niagara Falls

Abbey Anderson

59 / Woman / Single / Atlanta


31 / Woman / Single / Montreal

Je suis une personne curieuse qui aime apprendre et découvrir des manières alternatives de faire les choses. J’aime que chaque idée que j’explore m’amène ailleurs et me pousse à me poser des questions. Je travaille comme assistante dans une Clinique chiropratique et cet emploi me permet de mener une vie...

Louis Anthony

29 / Man / Single / Bricktown If I added you, it means I'm interested in you.  However, I am awful at messaging people first, so don't be afraid to send some love my way For those without a full membership that wish to chat with me, feel free to add me or message me on the following...

Marc Palme

49 / Man / Single / Roma

Hello, still single here. Searching for woman relationship but sex is not the main point of interest. I'm available also for relationship completely no sex. Brain and feeling attraction are at first place for me.  I feel different elements of asexuality: I'm autosexual, bellussexual and also demisexual. So I hope...


33 / Woman / Single / Stockholm


31 / Man / Tripoli

To put it very simple, I'm veteran at teaching and consulting work, I have been doing this for many years now; my life is quite smooth I get to work, come back, prepare dinner, watch something and relax. I'm a bit picky on what to watch, but would welcome anything...


25 / Woman / Single

I like to see myself in the light that I am human and will make mistakes throughout my life, but I also try to adhere to the qualities I find admirable: honesty, kindheartedness, compassionate, intelligence, loyalty. I'm a laid back person who is more of a homebody than anything else. I...


33 / Woman / Living together / Stockholm

I've been struggling with my relationship for a while and just recently it came to my mind that my form of sexuality can simply be asexuality.


34 / Man / Single / Norwich

I will describe myself very romantic , decent , educated and affectionate guy. k i k : sunmoonplanet

Kiley Rae

18 / Woman / Single

Trevor kik: allgoodwishes

26 / Man / Single / Sayville

I’m a cat lover and conversationalist. To meet some people like me who have the same types of futures in mind would be a dream. I’ve spent too long trying to find someone from the general population willing to adjust for me and I want to be in a situation...


33 / Woman / Single / Paris


27 / Man / Single / Pittsburgh

I'm not good at writing these things, but I'll do my best to fill this in as time passes by. Until then, feel free to message me on here, find me on Skype (lordllama23) or kik (also lordllama23), or drop me an email at

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