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Gage O'Brien

26 / Man / Single / Elkhart

If you do not have a membership you can feel free to contact me via my email ( I am a homosensual man looking for a likeminded companion based on the information above. I am actually not asexual, but I realize after many interactions that my fellow homosexuals - at...


28 / Man / Single

I apologize, but I am unable to message on here. I invite you to add me as a friend, allowing you to see my contact information under "detailed profile info." To answer the questions, I am a normalish person, kinda, with a BA in philosophy. I work for the State (I...


28 / Woman / Single / Rochester

Majored in Chemistry, but would rather be a writer. Just as soon as I write a best seller, I'm leaving the science world forever. I spend most of my time with my three pups, reading strange books, and finding interesting recipes/restaurants to try. I enjoy watching anime, foreign dramas, and bls....


37 / Man / Single / Cambridge

I have a wide variety of interests, particularly travelling, and love visiting Europe or further afield. Am open to other interests and usually willing to give everything a go at least once. Although initially quite shy, when I get to know people I am good natured and very loyal, albeit...


32 / Man / Single / Savar Upazila

I thought i am gay for long time, but i am not. I am homoromantic. I have lived in New York since 2009 and recently returned to Bangladesh. And temporarily residing here.. Are you interested in long distance relationships? I am willing to relocate or try long distance relationships for the...


25 / Man / Single

  I never liked to write about myself, but i can try. I’m actually very sociable, and I love meeting people. I deal with information technology, Java programmer. Enjoy good music, movies and series, especially dramas. I have visited many countries, and I want to visit many more. My wish is...


35 / Woman / Single / Stockholm

I've lived in 4 different countrys. I had a furniture shop in Thailand, it went good but I didnt like to live there. I loved to live in Oman were my father worked for some years. My favorite country for vacation is South Africa, have been there 3 times now...

Lou Reed

42 / Man / Single / paris

I like running, travelling, eating different food and watching movies/series ! P.S: I will be sending photos of me only to people I will be chatting with.


37 / Man / Separated / Namur

contacter moi:


23 / Woman / Single


26 / Woman / Single / Tallinn

Flying Pig

41 / Man / Single / Austin

I'm very easy going, empathetic, love to joke around, and love to laugh... I'm definitely a city-boy and love checking out restaurants and bars around the world...  I was traveling quite often before, but this COVID-19 pandemic has me crafting cocktails at home instead... I'm not a full paying member here, so...

Steve Livesey

45 / Man / Single / Lincoln

I'm going to be honest with you all from the start as that is something that is important to me.  I've suffered with anxiety and the odd panic attack for many years and at one point in my life became Agoraphobic for a while.  I also suffer with Health Anxiety...


32 / Woman / Single


30 / Woman


34 / Zurich

I am a humours guy who like to laugh and make other laugh. I experience moments and have feelings during which I feel as if I have lived for ever. Compassion towards animals (vegetarian lifestyle) and freedom from lust, anger, and greed are some of my qualities. I am interested in Yoga,...


26 / Woman / Single / Peoria

Many years ago, there lived a beautiful dragon whose scales shimmered and shined with the most vibrant shades of the cool colors. The creature could fly and had free reign of the land, but above all it loved the seas that covered the earth. At first it was quite magnificent...


23 / Man / Single / Little Rock

professional baker, amateur entrepreneur, hopeless romantic and too brief. INTP but always ready to get out there and explore! I'm 6'3", love movies and TV, and taking care of animals.   kik:adamwestslapdog


37 / Man / Single / Atlanta


23 / Woman / Single / London

Ok lets see ... Well for starters I've always been bad at talking about myself, I never really do this sort of thing so apologies if there's too much information here. Let's start with what is essentially my C/V. I'm 23 years old, and am a student veterinary nurse. (Would be qualified...


27 / Woman / Single / Rosario


27 / Man / Single / Bologna

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