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20 / Man / Single / Marion, indiana

I go by daniel or goat. Im a major animal lover and have worked  with animals since i was a child and i plan on starting a rescue some day. I enjoy spending time in nature and going on spontaneous adventures.  Im a trans man and im panromantic. If your interested...


35 / Woman / Single / Providence

I really dislike talking about myself. Especially like this. But I'll do my best. I think im a gray ace. I'm from New England. Im into spooky stuff. I run a horror/ halloween blog on tumblr and i have a small taxidermy collection. I love good horror movies/books and the supernatural. And yes,...


19 / Woman / Single / Moscow


25 / Woman / Single / Albany

I am a very outgoing and easy to get along with. I am a big planner, but at the same time I can go with the flow. I am new to the concept of asexuality, but after reading up on this, it all makes sense.  I love my job as...


25 / Woman / Single / Kraków

(Coming soon...) If you want to know me you can skype me : rozglifiona

Zak Wiltshire

18 / Man / Single


33 / Woman / Single

Hello, I'm here to make some new friends . I like chatting and know new cultures and people.Changing experiences ... I cant receive messages here so  add me on snapchat: anejoi or email : [email protected]


33 / Man / Single / Hamilton

Warren Moore

29 / Man / Single / Galway

I'm an undergraduate student in geography and folklore (Arts) at Memorial University. I enjoy socializing, watching movies, playing games and I love travelling across Canada. I'm British and moved to St. John's about 3 years ago. I am always excited to meet new people. Am new to the idea of dating...


34 / Man / Single / o-vl

Ryan Howieson

26 / Man / Single / Glenrothes

I aint gonna lie in this. I love spending time with friends and planning my next step in life but tbh its just getting a bit lonely doing these steps in life myself. I want to travel the world and see all the different corners, taste all the different foods and...


25 / Woman / Single / Birmingham

I'm fun loving, somewhat immature and a little bit shy (mainly with new people and big groups). I love discovering new songs, and shows on Netflix - So send me your reccommendations!   My core passions are travel and creativity in all forms; music, theatre, art etc. I haven't had the opportunity...


39 / Woman / Single


26 / Man / Single / Valbonne

Hello mundo, my name is Hugo, gay ace (more precisely, demisexual close to asexual). Joyful and a joker, I am someone tough, sincere, but must of all very generous. Inquisitive about all subjects, I like to understand how the world and things surrounding me work, with a particular interest in science...

Jenna6_6 (@kik)

18 / Woman / Single / Seymour

Lili Boehm

19 / Woman / Single / Lakeland

I have an amazing personality I'm serious yet laid back but know how to have a good time and show my humorous side. I'm new to online dating and I'm obviously asexual! It's definitely hard to find an asexual man but I'm hopeful I'll find Mr. Right on this site!...


37 / Woman / Single / Chicago


26 / Man / Single / Belfast

I'm a new PhD student and a relatively shy guy until I get comfortable around people. I'm a keen follower of far too many TV shows, games, movies and books to be an effective student.  I'm on here looking for like minded people, to make friends and maybe more.

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