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26 / Man / Divorced / North NJ

I am a geeky introverted homebody. I like to go out with friends on occasion, but I prefer to stay inside and read, indulge in my hobbies, play deep board games, or enjoy a good movie. I am kind, easygoing, slow to anger, and I love to cuddle. If you're not...


26 / Man / Single / London

Hey, Nice to meet you, please call me Kage. I joined this site because I am looking for a long-term relationship, but I dislike sexual intercourse, which suddenly makes dating difficult for me because it’s important for most individuals. Let me just add, I like cuddlinghand holding, sometimes kissing, I just don’t really like sex. I...


26 / Man / Single

Hello fellow asexual! I'm a 26 year old guy from Peru. I'm a INFJ-A, in case you may want to know. My motto is treating people the same way you want to be treated. I'm biromantic. Here's a couple of things I like: Traveling | Wine | Food | Animals (dogs!) |...


29 / Woman / Single


35 / Man / Single / Leamington Spa



I'm shy at first but once I know someone I warm up.  I can be a bit sarcastic.  I enjoy board and card games... video games too.  I like music, and although I'm shy, I'll do karaoke after a few drinks... preferably beer and bourbon.  Occupation wise, I've owned a...


39 / Man / Divorced

  My friends would say I'm goofy, but somehow I am always the responsible one. I take work very seriously and love what I do. Love to travel when ever possible! I am a bit old fashioned and believe in opening doors and getting drinks AND dinner. I enjoy live music,...


52 / Man / Single / Swindon


22 / Woman / Single / Fort Lauderdale

Hello. My name is Caitlyn.   I'm finishing up my last semester in college and I'm studying environmental studies with minors in climate change and biology.  I plan on attending graduate school to fulfill my dream of becoming a professor.   When I am not studying, I work as a student naturalist...


26 / Woman / Single


41 / Man / Single / widnes


51 / Man / Single / Hertfordshire

I am loyal, kind and caring. I enjoy going to parks and beaches and eating out. I love to travel. My last trip was to Stockholm in March 2020 for Melodifestivalen. I hope to go to Gold Coast in Australia one day.    


47 / Man / Single / Stockholm


33 / Man / Single / Dartford, Kent, UK

I tend to be on the quiet side, I am more of a listener than a talker. I am calm, sensitive natured some might say reserved. My friends describe me as a caring person and I am trustworthy, many of my friends seem to tell me all their problems. I like...

Oak Tree

33 / Man / Single / Pirot

I am a graduated did my Master of Science at Department of Physics. I am old soul with little boy heart and man body. I love quiet nights, especially quiet nights accompanied by the sound of cicadas in the summer. I like to swim and play violin. You can see me...

David Hunt

50 / Man / Single / Leeds


26 / Man / Single / Basingstoke

I am a adventurer, playing video games, dnd and going out is all I want, favourite thing to do is sit in a chair on holiday, book in one hand, wine in the other and admire the great view Infront of me.   I am also very career driven, I lovey job...


24 / Man / Single / Sheffield

I am a rather quiet and shy individual, but quite friendly when you get to know me. My main hobbies are anything lazy, such as the internet, video games, or watching TV. I do however have a more unusual one in collecting stuffed toys, mainly from claw machines (which is...

Eugene Argent

33 / Man / Single / Bristol

I'm not a subscribed member so Add me on instagram : argent_et_or87 or email me :


23 / Woman / Single

I love exploring, mostly in the great outdoors. I grew up in the country, so nature is the place where I feel most comfortable. Having grown up on a farm, I developed a love of all types of animals. I really enjoy music; I have been involved in multiple choirs...


30 / Man / Single / Riverside


41 / Woman / Single

Brigitte Bariault

24 / Woman / Single / Ottawa

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