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32 / Woman / Single / Scottsdale

I'm a full time 2D digital artist and do some freelance on the side here and there. Aside from that I'm into video games, art, comics occasionally, reading and writing, shopping, coffee shops, or just relaxing at home. I'd like to get into hiking as a means to introduce exercise...


25 / Woman / Single / Florham Park, NJ

I love to read fantasy and sci-fi. I'm currently reading the Three Dark Crowns series. I'm into all types of music, but I mostly listen to alternative and indie on Spotify. Some favorites are Snowmine, Fleet Foxes, Two-Door Cinema Club, Sleeping At Last, and Bear's Den. I take Tae Kwon Do!...


34 / Man / Single / Birmingham

Trying to make every moment count, learn from every single experience and do everything possible to become the very best version of myself.


28 / Woman / Single

I am about to graduate with a Bachelors in social work. Grad school is the next step that I have planned. I hope to end up doing children's counseling someday. I am an advocate for social justice. I love to pull pranks on people and have a pretty good sense...


17 / Woman / Single / Kalocsa


32 / Man / Single / Cambridge

Im a country boy through and though. I work on a farm, love animals. I have two dogs, a Kelpie and a Belgian Shepherd which i enjoy taking for long walks. Im at the age now where I would rather be at home watching tv by the fire or a quite...

Priya B

41 / Woman / Single

Quite shy when I first meet people but get talking when I am comfortable and get to know the person. I believe that life should be enjoyed with fun and laughter. My idea of a fun weekend is going for walks, going to a show, or simply relaxing with a book. I...


25 / Woman / Single / Palm Beach Gardens/West Palm Beach (Fl)

So, I dont know how to write these, this is the first dating site iIve ever been on lol. Okay, so, I'm Kelly, I have a pet bunny named Blue who's super sweet and loves cuddles and attention and game shows, for some reason. I like all the parts of...

Dan phillips

32 / Man / Single

I read online that it's best to get one of your mates to do this bit for you so here you go, far too generous if you ask me! Dan is the most generous, kind, caring, funny guy I know. He’s the person you want to go on road trip with because...


34 / Woman / Single / Severn


28 / Woman / Single / Bay City

Introvert. Tea-lover. Artist. Author.


41 / Man / Single / Toronto

Please be sure to say hello! You can reach me at [email protected] Im not a paid subsciber and cant read or send messages on here. I like hanging out with close friends, dinner, drives, walks, hanging out at home, travel. I really like documentaries and anything where you can learn something, slapstick comedy...


29 / Woman / Single / London

May Terry

20 / Woman / Single / Loveland

Nikota Douglas Cy Neal Tidey Beal

20 / Man / Single / Port Orford

I work as a prep cook at Crazy norwegian fish and chip and am very passionate about food and cooking. I like anime and YouTube. I also like staying up late and waking up early. I am not active on social media. I have a dog named Mairy. I want to...


19 / Single / Milwaukee


29 / Woman / Single / Stirling

Sarah Long

31 / Woman / Single / Carlisle

I am friendly, a good listener and a great cuddler! I like to read, and watch rubbish horror films (i also love other genres) I love spending time with my family, especially my nephew and random adventures out.


32 / Woman / Single / Muskegon

Natural redhead with blue eyes from the Great Lakes area, who is asexual by necessity and circumstance, but not by nature. I can count the number of relationships I've had on one hand.  Socially awkward due to spending far to long is a hermit, but I'm friendly, with a sarcastic...

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