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52 / Man / Single / Swindon

Kate Andersen

38 / Woman / Separated / Penn Yan


22 / Man / Single

My one simple goal in life is to be happy. I achieve that by doing everything from spur of the moment adventures to cozying up with a hot drink and a movie. I want to improve that experience by having other people to share it with, People or person(s) that...


54 / Woman / Toronto


27 / Woman / Single / Brookfield

I consider myself more of an introvert so messaging me first is a. Plus. I do not trust/open up easily. I love anime,art, movies, among many other things. I'm pretty laid back and go with the flow. I'm have a degree in psychology and one in studio art. I currently...


18 / Woman / Single / Not Saying

I'm an introvert at heart with a love for technology, Netflix, scientific theories, mythology, literature, history, animals and nature. I'm usually quiet around new people but then I open up after a while. I'm not good at navigating my way around these site as its not very compatible with my phone. Also...


29 / Woman / Single


43 / Woman / Divorced / Cookeville

Victoria Grant

22 / Woman / Single / Tomball


31 / Single / London


33 / Man / Single / Cambridge

Im a country boy through and though. I work on a farm, love animals. I have two dogs, a Kelpie and a Belgian Shepherd which i enjoy taking for long walks. Im at the age now where I would rather be at home watching tv by the fire or a quite...


37 / Man / Single / Ypsilanti

I like cartoons, anime, Disney channel, staying active (karate practice and in the gym), going to concerts, arcades, and amusement parks. I also like video games, but I don't get much time to play them these days. I’m currently working full time and going back to college to get another...


44 / Woman / Divorced / Carteret, NJ

I am a caring, sensitive, motivated and supportive woman. I am a mom of two wonderful kiddos and I somehow manage taking care of all their needs plus house and home and a publishing and marketing career all at once. I have been divorced for years now and feel that...


31 / Man / Single / Sydney

I've been referred to as a shiny Pokemon. I am a short, south east Asian man that can grow a beard. I'm introverted and quite the homebody but I do enjoy heading out and being amongst nature, finding a nice place to eat delicious food or heading to a pub...


33 / Man / Single / Brooklyn


30 / Man / Single / Maribel

A bit of a recluse at the moment. INFP. Artist of all sorts. Aspiring DJ and/or street musician. Really just a music nerd looking for new friends or travel buddies.  Currently selling most of my things to travel across the country and live the nomad lifestyle for a while. fun...


62 / Man / Single

I seek loving loyal respectful companionship with a woman, sharing intellectual, cultural, music (I'm a percussionist), traveling, and related pursuits. Age/generation and race/ethnicity are unimportant and needless barriers; compatibility, trust, and openness to confide in one another are important and essential. I'm still rather youthful even at this stage in...

Aida Sanchez

27 / Woman / Single / Hotville


24 / Man / Single / Philadelphia

IRL gremlin/physics/cinema&media studies/in a VAN down by the RIVER/collector of old books. Feel free to work out the connections between the following things I have historically had inside me: • at least one tapeworm • 1/4 bottle of elmers glue that I confused with ranch dressing at the time but committed to because...


22 / Woman / Single

I love exploring, mostly in the great outdoors. I grew up in the country, so nature is the place where I feel most comfortable. Having grown up on a farm, I developed a love of all types of animals. I really enjoy music; I have been involved in multiple choirs...


23 / Woman / Single / Bristol

Hi, I am a Happy positive person. I have been told that i am kind,funny and a bit crazy in a good way ;). I like arts and crafts i can't really draw but i love making things this includes candles,cold pressed soaps and using clay. I am an animal lover and...

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