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26 / Man / Single / Beijing


26 / Woman / Single

I’m an illustrator and animator, love anything about art. I’m planning to study my master degree of illustration in Italy. Love music, nature, poetry, singing, reading,  and also a musical lover.   I can’t send or get messages here. Email: [email protected]


30 / Single / Hong Kong

Hi aces, I’m Jessy. Neuroatypical, deaf oralist dish rat born and raised in forsaken Hong Kong. I draw to cope. If you enjoy in-depth conversations, my inbox is open at [email protected]

Gianna 梓瑩

19 / Woman / Single / HKSAR

「Our signature cocktail: T. Y. G. --- available in a snicket not so near you.」 A peculiar cocktail made with zest, spirits, a modest amount of espresso and a dash of spice, slightly shaken and stirred! It may not be the life of a party or available at your local pub,...


34 / Woman / Single / Shanghai


38 / Woman / Single / Rotterdam

My self-summary Physical location: Rotterdam, NL. I don't do virtual travel. You might be a fisherman, I'm not a fish. Casting the net hoping to catch a quality haul? That should work in actual fishing industry but hardly on a dating site. That said, no one-fits-all, copy-paste, or 3H ("Hi", "Hey", "Hello")...


19 / Man / Single


32 / Man / Single / Shenzhen

I've been with two boyfriends and one girlfriend, and stay single for five years. Premarital sex is forbidden for religious reasons, If God gave me a chance, I would like to start a sexless marriage. I am an Ecologist, I will travel to different countries for research (not for a...


25 / Man / Single / Hong Kong


23 / Man / Single / Beijing


28 / Woman / Single

Sometimes I can be very fun, sometimes very nerd. I like listening music and singing, sometimes read books. If I write all myself here, what are we going to talk next? So......

Leanna Chan

31 / Woman / Single / Hong Kong


21 / Man / Single / Nanjing


27 / Woman / Single / 永州


39 / Man / Single / Hong Kong


27 / Man / Single / Paris

Have never been in a relationship in my entire life. Tired of being single. Desperately waiting for my ace Prince Charming... Nothing to write about my boring life. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]


22 / Woman / Single / Montreal

The name's Rachel, I'm 18 and Canadian. Currently a Liberal Arts student in college. Admittedly, I'm a bit of a weirdo. I'm a history enthusiast, a foodie, a huge fan of candy shops and thrift stores, and a voracious reader. I'm also a "third culture kid", if you may (just message...


27 / Woman / Single / 湖南


23 / Man / Single

Be prepared, for this is gonna be a long list of "I" followed by some short, dull sentences filled with some boring imitation of wit. What, you still want to go on reading? Well, once again, don't say I didn't warn you then I love philosophy, reading, writing, traveling and learning new...

Ali Baeza

25 / Woman / Single / Denver

Uhhhh I'm not really good at writing things about myself but I will try my best. I am currently a graphic design and asian studies major, I’m going on to my second year of college this fall. I'm really quiet when I first meet people, but as time goes on I...


22 / Woman / Single / Ann Arbor

I'm in college for electrical engineering.I don't drink(social is ok)/smoke(none is ok) and wouldn't date those who do.I have a general calm/joking/happy/caring disposition.I love arcades/anime. I garden and read alot.I'm loud and chubby,203 lbs.I wear my natural hair.I default to leader roles(a domme top). All race and genders welcome.I am...


32 / Woman / Single / Birmingham

Just suddenly I click in this site, thanks god, I am here. This is Libby, a girl from China. I like reading books, watching movie, listening to the music, doing sports, travelling and hanging out with friends. I am a very talkative, considerate, and nice lady and would like to...


31 / Single / Changchun

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