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Emily Morris

27 / Woman / Single / waterloo


55 / Woman / Single / Marietta


30 / Woman / Single / Philadelphia


30 / Man / Single / Maryland

Hey, I am Tom, and signing up for one of these things was a pretty big thing for me to do.  Recently I realized I am ace, but looking back, it all adds up.  I am just some dude looking for what most people are I guess.  I do play...


26 / Woman / Single / Kitchener

Just looking to find some decent, like-minded people. Not specifically looking for anything, and definitely not looking to rush into anything.


26 / Man / Single

Hi everyone. My name is Tom and I am currently studying business economics in Rotterdam.  II really like to make/play some music. This could be piano, guitar or singing. I also like to go to festivals or have a night out. My other interests are series/movies, soccer/football, traveling, hanging out with friends...

Elizaveta Limanova

30 / Woman / Single / Millburn


25 / Man / Single / Tampa

I'm a pretty down to earth guy. I'd like to meet someone who shares some of the same interests, but I'm always up for a new adventure. I have two pups who I like more than most people. My family and friends are probably the most important things in my life....


23 / Man / Single / Devon

  1. I'm a hetero-romantic asexual YouTuber. I have been uploading videos about asexuality and my experiences as an asexual since July 2015!! I have acquired over 2,000 amazing subscribers through YouTube and have really enjoyed being part of the YouTube and Asexual community. My YouTube name is 'Cookee Monsterr' for...

Jay Thom

75 / Man / Single / Victoria

Louis Anthony

30 / Man / Single / Bricktown If I added you, it means I'm interested in you.  However, I am awful at messaging people first, so don't be afraid to send some love my way For those without a full membership that wish to chat with me, feel free to add me or message me on the following...

Jase Tee

36 / Man / Single / Detroit


28 / Man / Single / El Paso

Hey everyone, I'm Tim. I'm 27 years old and living in El Paso, TX. Eventually I hope to move to somewhere with plenty of rain and thunderstorms. El Paso has random thunderstorms, but it's not very often. I was born in Gainesville, Florida and raised in Sacramento, CA. I've never been...


31 / Single

I'm a bookworm, adventurer, scientist, astronomer, fan girl, artist, dog person all rolled into one. I've just moved back to my hometown as I miss my family too much. I also love going on adventures with my dog Molly. I like camping, kayaking and four wheel driving. And hopefully soon...


24 / Man / Single / Hengelo


27 / Woman

Feel free to reach me at!

jye Johnston

23 / Man / Single / Melbourne

Chase Shepherd

43 / Man / Single / Phoenix

kat segovia

22 / Woman / Single / Maryland

Im a introvert, I like to call myself a hermit. Big anime fan(weeb) for anything really its one of the things i love to talk about/watch but don't have anyone to share it with. Im a honest person and say the wrong things sometimes when I don't mean it that...


35 / Man / Single / Westchester, NY

I'm friendly and easy going. I am on the quiet side, but once you get to know me I open up more. I like sports, craft beer and hiking among other things. If you any questions feel free to ask. I'm not comfortable with putting a picture up yet, but if...

Some weirdo

31 / Woman / Single / Christchurch

I cant send or reply to messages on here. Can Facebook message me.


21 / Man / Single / London

I’m twenty-one years old and I really enjoy travelling! I’ve got aspirations of visiting every European capital city; and been to twelve so far! I’m also very tall and my eyes are blue. Email:


41 / Man / Single / Doncaster

Looking to share new experiences with someone and build the foundations of a friendship or relationship.And hope we can bring joy into each other’s life I have a great sense of humour and compassion towards people I’m a very caring/sharing guy and like to make people feel special and wanted  


20 / Man / Single / Southend-on-Sea

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