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29 / Portland


24 / Man / Single / vdgdg


31 / Man / Single

Rob Jenkins

55 / Man / Single / Cardiff

Denora IndigoCrystal

37 / Woman / Single / New york


48 / Man / Single / Dallas Area

I am basically content, as I have a respectable professional career and 2 children of my own (via ovum donor). Overall, I have fairly low stress but arguably am missing Mrs Right. Generally I like routine, yet this is punctuated a few times a year by some novel experience. Mainly this...


55 / Man / Divorced / Denver


51 / Glastonbury

I'm a young spirited English woman, in my 40s, but feel in my late 30s, ( and people often say that's what they'd guess me as).  I have a passion for nature and outdoor activities, I am very sensual, but not sexual really, though I would be open to exploring...

Lisa ^_^

35 / Woman / Single / Scotland

British Born Chinese (BBC). Scottish accent, often mistaken to be Canadian. I tend to get along with nerdy people. Being a monogamous demiromantic,  it takes me a greater amount of time to "fall in love". It worries me not, fortunately I am good at keeping myself occupied. I would much prefer to...

Ellen Hibdon

40 / Woman / Single / Salt Lake City


41 / Woman / Single / Ulan-Ude

I'm greysexual. I am calm and friendly person. Shy and humble. More introvert. I don't have premium account here. I can't see likes and messages. You can send message on [email protected] also i have account in ACEapp

Tell later

31 / Woman / Single


26 / Man / Single / Southampton

I have regular conventional interests like Films, Sports, going Bowling and Music. Then I have some that people might find a tad odd, for example I can watch commercials from the 1980s legit all day long. 20 bucks is a tad to much for messaging so here’s my kik if you’re...

Tỉ Lệ Kèo Xôi Lạc TV

31 / Man / Single / Ho Chi Minh City

Lauren Godfrey

43 / Woman / Divorced / Austin


34 / Woman / Single

I'm a fairly straight-forward person and my life is in order as much as it can be. I love the work I'm doing, even if it can be stressful. I tend to be a homebody during the week (because sometimes the best way to unwind after a long day of...


54 / Woman / Single / NJ

I very recently figured out I am heteroromantic. I am seeking a long term partner that loves love but not sex. I think finding a guy that feels similarly, in my age range, that lives near me, where we are mutually compatible/attracted, is pretty much a unicorn though. Some "likes":  owls,...

Jay Thom

78 / Man / Single / Victoria


35 / Woman


38 / Woman / Single / Antibes

Tỉ Lệ Cược Xôi Lạc TV

31 / Man / Single / Hồ Chí Minhin kaupunki

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