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From The South

34 / Man / Single / Copenhagen

New to this. Brazilian trying to find my path in this world and to figure out who I am. Currently living in Denmark. Into western languages, lemon tea (or tea in general), lighthouses, politics, science, serious talks, foggy days, autumn and cold days, movies and series, meditation and spitirual development. Looking for...


26 / Woman / Single / Toronto

Hi I am Zara. I am a caring yet analytical person. I enjoy reading, running, sun, laughing, trying new things, art, ... . what I naturally don't enjoy are small talks, texting, mundane conversations, and fictions (lol). If interested reach me at this random email I made:

Lisa ^_^

34 / Woman / Single / Scotland

British Born Chinese (BBC). Scottish accent, often mistaken to be Canadian. I tend to get along with nerdy people. Being a monogamous demi-romantic,  it takes me a greater amount of time to "fall in love". It worries me not, fortunately I am good at keeping myself occupied. I would much prefer to...


38 / Man / Single / Victoria

ॐWell....not really a summary but a mini novella....Please forgive my format but I must lay it all out there for you to decide - this is how I work, I have very very very long term relationships...and if I don't lay it all out I am left to answer for...


21 / Woman / Single / Vichy

Currently living in France for studying. I'm Hetero romantic Asexual. I love writing novels also I'm a reader. p.s. also I love voice calling I'm kinda talkative. I love to chat with others, share difference of culture or life styles. There isn't boring conversation for me. You would be perfect friend. So please talk with...


53 / Woman / Single / NJ

My professional life, in the arena of education and adult development, has been very fulfilling and I feel confident I have made a positive difference in the world. But maybe someday I’ll become a lighthouse keeper or vampire slayer  or professional ice-cream taster (only one of these is not a...


45 / Woman / Single / NYC


33 / Man / Single / Birmingham

Jay Thom

76 / Man / Single / Victoria

Edgar A. Poe

23 / Man / Single / London

I live for literature, poetry, and art. My favourite poem is "The Raven" by good old Poe, favourite music album is Pink Floyd's "The Wall" (or 'Tutti morimmo a stento' by Fabrizio de Andrè, but I'm afraid only italians will catch that) and my favourite artist is either Guo Xi (Northern...


22 / Man / Single

Be prepared, for this is gonna be a long list of "I" followed by some short, dull sentences filled with some boring imitation of wit. What, you still want to go on reading? Well, once again, don't say I didn't warn you then I love philosophy, reading, writing, traveling and learning new...


42 / Man / Single / Raymond Maine


34 / Man / Single / Melbourne

Hello,  my name is Chris, nice to meet you acquaintance 🙂 Where to begin.... i like people, i like the saying about how it takes all kinds to weave the fabric off life. Been lucky to travel abit and get to see how similar and how different we all are Demisexual with...

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29 / Man / Single / Hồ Chí Minhin kaupunki


55 / Woman / Divorced / Tucson


54 / Dilstown


55 / Woman / Single / MONTPELLIER

je suis sensible.

stephanie gibbons

51 / Woman / Divorced / Ocala

coitructiep bongda365tv

21 / Woman / Single / HA Noi


28 / Man / Single / hanoi

Kèo Số Nhà Cái

36 / Man / Living together / Hanoi


46 / Woman / Single / London


49 / Woman / Single / Atlanta

tylecuoc keotot

29 / Man / Single / Hà Nội

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