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39 / Woman / Single / Rotterdam

My self-summary Physical location: Rotterdam, NL. I don't do virtual travel. You might be a fisherman, I'm not a fish. Casting the net hoping to catch a quality haul? That should work in actual fishing industry but hardly on a dating site. That said, no one-fits-all, copy-paste, or 3H ("Hi", "Hey", "Hello")...


24 / Woman / Single / Brussels

I love animals (I Have 5 dogs) I love to skate, to play the guitar, music, to watch series and play video games.


34 / Woman / Single / Zele

Toffe man gezocht voor serieuze relatie! Voor meer info, mail naar karentje2012@hotmail.com


38 / Man / Separated / Namur

contacter moi: cartesius1983@hotmail.com


29 / Man / Single / Genk

Me? I'm an aspiring video game developer so, nerd alert! And I'm an INTP, so be double-warned. I love cartoons and anime but haven't watched them in a while. If I added you, I would probably love to talk with you but I saw no way to contact you. See the mail...


27 / Woman / Single

Shaon C.

24 / Woman / Single


25 / Man / Single / Liège

Hi, I’m Régis ! You can ask me about stuff you want to know, I’ll answer ! I can be a bit shy at first, but then warm up quickly if I get on well with the other person. I like video games, karting, space, technology, science, sci-fi and Formula 1. Oh...

Michael Erikson

44 / Man / Single / Brussels


26 / Woman / Single

In mijn vrije tijd lees ik graag, luister ik naar muziek en kook ik graag. Ik kan verder echt genieten van een lekker avondje zetelhangen, maar evengoed van een terrasje met vrienden! Mijn familie is voor mij ook echt belangrijk. Verder sta ik altijd open om iets nieuws te proberen en...


33 / Man / Single / Lisbon

I am a decent guy living in belgium. looking for a girl to settle down and have a peaceful and comfy old age in years to come with my girl. I am not a paid member so if u wanna connect email me passionelyfanatic@gmail.com  


25 / Man / Single / Hasselt


39 / Woman / Single / Antwerpen

Aiden A

26 / Man / Single / Louvain-la-Neuve

Peter DGT

47 / Man / Single


36 / Man / Single / Sydney

Bleary-eyed linguistics/papyrology post-grad vainly pursuing academic dream. Introverted, though generally open up after getting to know someone well enough - seem to be hampered by the esoteric (i.e. boring) nature of my interests. Just need some prodding, I guess. Also have a few tattoos, but hopefully they don't bother anyone...


43 / Woman / Single

J'apprécie profiter des bons moments de la vie, être plutôt que faire, partager. Je suis plutôt vis à vis/petit comité que grands groupes/foule. J'apprécie beaucoup la nature, la musique, l'art, la philo, la spiritualité. Plutôt végétarienne. Je peux être festive mais manger et boire à outrance ne sont pas dans...


19 / Woman / Single / Mechelen


44 / Woman / Single / Los Angeles

I am a free thinker and imaginative dreamer. Two of my greatest passions are history and travel. I have already been to the Caribbean, Mexico, France, Italy, Amsterdam, Belgium, New York and the East Coast, and other parts of the USA and grew up in the Midwest. ...

Elke Schroeders

41 / Woman / Single / Tienen


30 / Man / Single / Genk


35 / Man / Single / Temse

Néstor Blázquez Herrero

37 / Man / Single / Bruxelles

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