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44 / Woman / Single / Ghent


29 / Woman / Single / Montreal

Hrmm, I guess I'll start by saying I am genderqueer and I get very excited about things. Books (predominantly fantasy or Non-Fiction), TV shows, languages (all of them!) cultures, video games (Fantasy RPGs mostly) human rights, new weird scientific discoveries, travel, among other things. I am also a huge fan of...


27 / Man / Single / Wandsworth

If you commute through KXSP you may have heard me tell you to mind the gap. When i'm not UndergrounD I like to collect maps and play Scrabble, or if it's the weekend, spend the evening binging Spotify with a jack & coke.


37 / Woman / Single / London

Mariana Freitas

25 / Woman / Single

I'm a psychologist, 25 years old funny and kind girl looking for new ace friends and maybe a relationship. I'm a little shy but love art, music, going out with friends. Come chat me at my e-mail ( or kik: venusrage


21 / Woman / Single / millicent

I'm a bit of a Greek Mythology nerd. I love bowling, watching movies and LPOTL.

Dan R. Howard

25 / Man / Single / Boston MA/Los Angeles CA

Musician./.Film Fanatic./.Belgian-Irish./.Berklee College Of Music./.Piano./.Ukulele./.Guitar./.Film Score./.Beer enthusiast./. Tea enthusiast./.Videogames./.


24 / Woman / Single / Philadelphia


25 / Woman / Single / London

Artist, avid reader, massive nerd and a big fan of cats!


25 / Woman / Single

Eugene Argent

32 / Man / Single / Bristol

I'm not a subscribed member so Add me on instagram : argent_et_or87 or email me :


21 / Woman

So... as I am really comfortable talking about myself, I'm warning you, it's going to be messy. Black Coffee, Strong Tea, Impetuous Cats or more civilised Familiars, Old Books faking to have a personality... A sense of purpose in life ... Do you have everything you need ? My name is Valentine,...


56 / Woman / Divorced

Nick Westbrook

29 / Man / Single / Seattle


22 / Woman / Single / University Heights

(Don't let my religion scare you. I promise that I'm chill about it.) I'm a lil bit of a nerd. Okay, a lot bit. I like science fiction and fantasy movies, books, and video games. Especially those concerning superheroes and Jedi. I like music of all genres and I like dancing (even...

Shaun Jackson

21 / Man / Single / York

I am currently in a 1 year apprenticeship with Sarabec Ltd as an Office administrator. I'm still mainly winging life since this all came on suddenly but atleast I've got An idea now :'). In my free time I like to just generally play games, I love a good co-op...


38 / Woman / Single / Philadelphia


22 / Man / Single / Los Angeles

Space pants!  Ha, life be wild.  It's unpredictable and an adventure, and I can truly say that I have no idea where it's going. I love so many things; Animals, Astronomy, Adventures, Camping, Cats, Choral Music, Comedies, Cosplaying, Culture, Decorating, Genealogy, Hiking, Horses, House Shopping, Movies, Outdoors, Psychology, Sunshine, Theater, Traveling,...


24 / Woman / Single / Southampton

Hi, I'm Emily and I'm currently in Southampton doing a PhD in bioengineering (orthotics specifically). I'm a fairly introverted person, but I do still enjoy being out and about and meeting up with people just as long as I have time to recharge as well! Hmm, let's see...I'm a big fan...

Tiffany M Hale

30 / Woman / Living together / Austin

I am newly discovering my asexuality preferences. I dont know how to yet define myself. I am someone who likes the idea of sex and sexual relationships but has no desire to ever be In one. I love cracking sexual jokes (my inner prepubescent boy) but never have any desire...

Fenicia Rosario


I love to be around positive people who can bring something in the relationship  such as inspiration, encouragement, and support,  whether it be a platonic  or an intimate one. I am a people person, a caring individual and can be spontaneous. My favorite quote is, “live each day as if...


37 / Woman / Widowed / edmonton

Basically I'm bored, have no life and that sux! I'm looking for a great girl or guy to help me pass the time with. I grew up on a farm, and am still a country girl at heart. I'm very much a tomboy. So don't call me princess, and I'm no...

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