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37 / Woman / Single / London

Liberal, vegan, generous, and at times perhaps a tad too blunt. Fond of humility, literature, picnics, history, humour, a wide range of music, authenticity, cats, dogs and animals in general. Not so keen on thunder storms, arrogance, reality tv, Tory voters, wasps, pretentious or judgemental folk.


26 / Woman / Single / Southampton

I'm kinda sarcastic, nerdy and bad at telling people things, so you'll have to put up with all of that. I also have a thing for dogs, books and Christmas. I watch way to many TV shows and always up for new things to binge. I love horror films and crime...


31 / Woman / Single / Kielce

Jestem spokojną osobą. O swoich emocjach wolę pisać niż mówić. Lubię spacerować i leniuchować. Nie palę papierosów, nie pije alkoholu, nie jem mięsa, nie imprezuje, nie chce dzieci. Nie mogę tu odpowiadać na wiadomości. Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany to proszę napisz wiadomość na messengerze, Pozdrawiam życzę  dużo zdrowia dla Wszystkich


45 / Woman / Single / Ghent

Shaun Jackson

22 / Man / Single / York

I am currently in a 1 year apprenticeship with Sarabec Ltd as an Office administrator. I'm still mainly winging life since this all came on suddenly but atleast I've got An idea now :'). In my free time I like to just generally play games, I love a good co-op...


27 / Man / Single / Columbus

Hello, friends! This is my first time seeking out other aces online. I look forward to meeting some great people that I can relate to! A little about me. My favorite thing to do is express myself creatively. I have a degree in fine arts, and I like to paint on giant canvases....

Nick Westbrook

30 / Man / Single / Seattle


27 / Woman / Single / Shrewsbury

I am only just getting to know myself. Would like to chat with someone to help me continue my journey. I like to go to the theater,  eat out or binge watch Netflix 🙂 Feel free to email: Or add me on Snapchat siany811


50 / Glastonbury

I'm a young spirited English woman, in my 40s, but feel in my late 30s, ( and people often say that's what they'd guess me as).  I have a passion for nature and outdoor activities, I am very sensual, but not sexual really, though I would be open to exploring...


42 / Woman / Single / Burnaby


25 / Man / Single / Basingstoke

I am a adventurer, playing video games, dnd and going out is all I want, favourite thing to do is sit in a chair on holiday, book in one hand, wine in the other and admire the great view Infront of me   I don't have membership, so just send me a...


25 / Woman / Single / Plymouth

//sorry i haven't been active, uum i found an awesome boyfriend here so haha yeah i haven't needed to be active whoops// I try to see beauty in everything around me, even when at this point, life seems to be just beginning. I am a first year college student majoring in...

Dan R. Howard

26 / Man / Single / Los Angeles

Musician./.Film Fanatic./.Belgian-Irish./.Berklee College Of Music./.Piano./.Ukulele./.Guitar./.Film Score./.Beer enthusiast./. Tea enthusiast./.Videogames./.Traveling./.Books./.


28 / Man / Single / Davis

- I'm an immigrant from Russia, first arriving in the States with my mom in 96 - I have an Associates of Political Science from DVC and a Bachelors of Political Science from UC Davis - I work a lot (it keeps me out of trouble) and enjoy what I do in...


24 / Woman / Single

I’m 24 years old and freshly out of a relationship with a heterosexual man. It didn’t work out because, you know, I’m asexual. So here I am. Mostly interested in making friend for now, but open to whatever. I finished with my bachelor's in anthropology in 2017, and I’m currently...


26 / Woman / Single

Well, I'm never sure how to fill this out. I'm just me (ace in this non-ace-friendly world), trying to get trough nursing school while working and adulting. What else... I have two cats (I'm a big animal lover in general, but centipedes and worms suck), moved to the USA 3...

Fenicia Rosario


I love to be around positive people who can bring something in the relationship  such as inspiration, encouragement, and support,  whether it be a platonic  or an intimate one. I am a people person, a caring individual and can be spontaneous. My favorite quote is, “live each day as if...


30 / Woman / Single / Montreal

Hrmm, I guess I'll start by saying I am genderqueer and I get very excited about things. Books (predominantly fantasy or Non-Fiction), TV shows, languages (all of them!) cultures, video games (Fantasy RPGs mostly) human rights, new weird scientific discoveries, travel, among other things. I am also a huge fan of...


30 / Woman / Single / Gloucester MA

My name is Lindsay and I am currently 29 years old and consider myself to be panromatic asexual. I also consider myself to be gender neutral, but aren't super sure what pronouns I want to use, so don't worry about that too much. I do know that I really don't...


27 / Man / Single / Wandsworth

If you commute on the Tube you may have heard me tell you to mind the gap. When I'm not UndergrounD I like to collect maps and play Scrabble, or if it's the weekend, spend the evening binging Spotify with a jack & coke.


31 / Woman / Single / Sydney

I study part time, so when I'm not busy reading and writing for uni, you'll find me reading for recreation (or listening to an audiobook — I've gotten quite into those lately!), crocheting, watching films and series on Netflix (I love period dramas, and also love good sci-fi), cuddling my...


25 / Woman / Single / Philadelphia

Kat Britt

21 / Woman / Single / Irvine

Hi! I'm 21-years-old and currently a junior studying Game Art. When I'm not in school, I work as a freelance illustrator and mostly do covers or merch for young adult fantasy literature. I'm looking for either friends or a relationship on here. I don't mind if either is long-distance, I'm just...

Eugene Argent

32 / Man / Single / Bristol

I'm not a subscribed member so Add me on instagram : argent_et_or87 or email me :

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