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30 / Woman / Single

I am a quiet girl from a small Australian city. I like my sex like I like my coffee... And I don't drink coffee. I tend to have trouble making friends, but if someone coaxes me out of my shell, they'll find me to be kind and loyal with a sense...

Mirjam Bauer

43 / Woman / Single / Dublin

  • Born and raised in Switzerland, been living in Ireland for 20 years now
  • Vegetarian
  • Work in the public sector
  • Proud mama to my beautiful cat Tae
  • Interests include: k-pop, k-dramas, reading (even though I don't do it often enough), learning the guitar, learning Korean, mindfulness/meditation

Jordan (deadname Katie)

23 / Woman / Single / Bloomington Indiana

I’m a gender fluid anime nerd who loves to make new friends. I’m a very creative person and I’m hoping to go to art school in a big city. I absolutely LOVE anime and manga. I’m Autistic and have ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Dysgraphia, and Anxiety. I’m in the process of...


29 / Man / Single / Barcelona


25 / Woman / Single / Tuscaloosa


28 / Man / Single / Redhill


26 / Woman


21 / Woman / Single

I am a hopeless romantic, shy, sensitive girl who has problems talking to people but when I'm not being shy I like to joke around and listen to other people I enjoy watching movies (mainly animated and horror), Watching YouTube videos, Playing video games whether its Nintendo or story based like...


41 / Man / Single / Tulsa

I'm a native Oklahoman born and raised, spent the last few years thinking i had the rest of my life planned out.   Turns out nothing is ever set in stone.  Enter 2020, everything i had been doing was coming to a halt. Surprisingly it wasn't so bad.  It has its rocky...


49 / Woman / Single

I identify as pan & demisexual, panromantic. I'm an introverted homebody when not working, quiet, not super adventurous, but willing to stretch my boundaries with the right person. Sarcasm is my second language, but I also am confrontation-averse, so the sarcasm is usually behind closed doors with people I'm comfortable with. I'm...

Sarah Long

34 / Woman / Single / Carlisle

I am friendly, a good listener and a great cuddler! I like to read, and watch rubbish horror films (i also love other genres) I love spending time with my family, especially my nephew and random adventures out.


37 / Man / Single / Cambridge

I have a wide variety of interests, particularly travelling, and love visiting Europe or further afield. Am open to other interests and usually willing to give everything a go at least once. Although initially quite shy, when I get to know people I am good natured and very loyal, albeit...


52 / Man / Divorced / Bronx

I'm a unique mix of brainy, silly, strong, and sensitive. I'm happy with where I am in life, though I definitely value continued learning and personal growth. Being genuine is what matters to me, flaws and all, rather than always looking perfect. I’m passionate about hiking and climbing, and had...


40 / Man / Living together / Peterborough

I'm me... I don't embrace labels too much, I'm just looking for some good, no-pressure connections who might be looking for someone different to talk to or spend time with. I enjoy so many topics that it's difficult to list them all, as I consider myself pretty curious in everything,...


45 / Man / Single / Wakefield

I would describe myself as fun,down to earth & romantic though quite shy underneath. I,m a bit of a homely person but still like trips to the cinema,meals out & occasional gigs as I like my music. I still like being affectionate in a relationship-cuddles,holding hands & lots...


21 / Woman / Single


37 / Woman / Single / Boca Raton

I’m slowly coming into my sexuality. Demi-pan is what I’ve come up with. It could change, I don’t know. I'm a very caring and understanding person. Open-minded. Tatted. Into rock and heavy metal music. Always reading. Sine I don’t pay to use websites, email me @ or CurvyCupcake31 on Kik


40 / Man / Married / Killeen

I don't judge and am a firm believer that people should have as much freedom as possible as long as it doesn't infringe on the same freedom of another.  This is at the core of all that I do and am, I am a fellow passenger on this ride through...


21 / Woman / Single / Montreal

Hi! I study tech, am into psychology, drink apple juice at bars, and love to hear about other people's interests (I just find humans in general fascinating).


42 / Woman / Single / Iowa City

I enjoy listening to music, reading, and while i enjoy watching tv shows/movies i am really behind in all of them - but when i do catch a show Supernatural, Agents of Shield, Once Upon A Time and The Walking Dead are favorites.  I enjoy all kinds of music, some...

Canan Raser

18 / Single

I am agender, panromantic, trans (ftm but still agender), polyamorous (yet still single somehow), INTJ, a huge nerd in the head, and a hopeless romantic at heart. I love the sciences, movies, writing and reading, poetry, music, baking, video games, dark humor, etc. The list goes on, but I don’t...


25 / Woman / Single / Dallas

Hi, I'm Madeline and I always struggle to describe myself! If you are familiar with Myer's Briggs, I am an ISFJ/ISTJ depending on my mood and the people I've been around that day. I am a pretty positive/happy person, content to sit and chill. I am a huge homebody. I am...


30 / Woman / Single / St. Louis

Pan-romantic and Asexual. In general I'm introverted and silly.  I like Lord of the Rings, horror movies,Kpop, books and reading in general, anime(especially Yu Yu Hakusho and Sailor Moon), as well as both cooking and baking(and eating lol). A pushover who let's her cat both steal her pillow and sleep on...


36 / Woman / Single / Portland, Maine

I'm Christine. I'm fairly quiet in real life but fairly open too. So If there's anything you want to know, just ask. I love science, music, art and literature. I try to be a good person. I was on track to be a college professor/academic but wasn't really satisfied with how simple...

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