Favorite N64 Games?

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    What are some of yall’s favorite N64 games if any? Got any recommendations?

    In my eyes Nintendo 64 was the best console ever made. It had Smash Brothers, Pokemon Battle Stadium and Pokemon Battle Stadium 2 (honestly prefer them over the old school gbc gba pokemon games, the battle system rocked-sue me), Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Doom, Glover, F-Zero, Cruisi’n the World and Exotica, Conkers Bad Fur Day…
    Maaaan my childhood was rad as hell, I still play the roms for these games every now and then especially Majora’s Mask…its still gotta be one of the best games ever for any console, period. I played the 3ds version of it awhile back and I had to put it down because it wouldve taken my life away for weeks on end all over again…How ’bout that 3DS though?? I dont really keep track of the newer Nintendo consoles like Nintendo Switch…is it any good, is the price really worth it? Does it or the 3DS have rom playing capabilities? (Can it be jailbroken like a Wii?) I would ask google but Im asking ya’ll because I need a wholesome conversation like this in my life. lol

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