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    Hey, this Matthew the creator of this forum. I have not been active in a long time and I apologize. I kind of gave up on this page when I discovered the large amount of fake female profiles that have infiltrated this site. Not to mention the relationships I found on this page that ended in horrible failure and cheating… Anyway the point is, this forum has grown to over a hundred members, and that is amazing! People here really love their Pokémon! I know that ORAS just came out, and I am sure you all have been busy Nuzlocking it like I have, so keep at it! Ill revisit this page from time to time, so please use this forum to your delight. Adults can like Pokémon dammit! I myself am an young adult making money and living the mature life, but still, I play my Pokémon daily. Even if I were to become the President of these united states, I would play my 3DS in the oval office! We are allowed to like what we like. I am happy to have seen this page grown greatly, and I am happy to see that. Take care my friends, and I promise to see you soon! Take care my fellow Pokémon Masters!

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