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    Chu Mou

    Dear Friends,

    When I first signed up for membership to this site, I was charged a $15 annual fee for a 1 year membership. I received an email from not long ago saying my membership is ending 1/15/16 (a week from today).

    Several people have told me they’ve been using this site on an unlimited basis for free. Am I the only one being charged and how does the membership work?

    I want to renew but there are no instructions. Also, I’ve already emailed in the past and have never received a reply. Not sure who runs this site and how to get in touch with them. If anyone has experience with this, please let me know.

    Thank you!


    I don´t know why it is this way. I´ve never paid anything and I can still use this site and send personal messages but some people can´t. It´s superweird. Someone said it is because older members doesn´t have to pay, only new members who registered after some changes in “terms and services” have to pay. But it´s destructive for the whole website because it´s not very active anyway and after this silly request for payment it will slowly die.



    I am not sure who is in charge of this website – there are admins for each individual group. I joined when there was less than 5000 members and it’s always been free for me ion every aspect. I have silver membership if that means anything.

    I would suggest you try to contact one or more of the group admins to find out if they know who is in charge. Click on their profile and PM them while you still have that facility to.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help.



    Seriously? So I paid for this website that turned out to be p dead and earlier members have unlimited access for free. Just great

    Chu Mou


    Sandra: I’m not in a group. So have no idea how to contact someone who would be an admin. And what is silver membership? Haven’t heard of that at all! I just get the message that I’m a member or not. No levels.

    Marjolein: I feel your pain. It’s not very well run. I don’t think I’m going to renew if they make it super duper hard to use. *shrug*

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    I’ve gotten that email. It should be meaningless. Just an automated message.


    Hiya, sorry I did not see this is a notification before. Silver membership was only for members who joined when it was a free site – less than 5000 people when I joined. Now, everyone has to pay a fee if they want join it and send PMs, so I don’t think there are any other levels. I believe the chat feature is still free to use without paying a membership fee. I am not sure whether the fee is a one off or renewable – admins do not answer here.


    I didne pay anything but i asked many times to ass friends and i sent messages and i never recive an answer, maybe as im free no one can read me.


    If you registered back when iT was Free, it Seems to remain free. Not entirely dure, but I’ve been on here for a long time and was never asked to pay. Fred users can create a profile, it seems payment is only if you want to send (and receive?) PMs.

    I would disagree with the site dying out. I met a couple of great people here who didn’t becommentariëren romantic partners but who have become friends. I still like this site a lot. (although I agree new Members would more easily get involved Actively if it were free. Maybe the people running the site need sources of income that ads Cannot entirely provide?)


    Im new and it told me i had to pay if i wanted to use this site do i did. Only to find it seems to be a total waste of money and time as hardly anyone completes a detailed profile or adds a photo. Plus there are barely any older men worldwide or anyone from Australia on here. Not impressed at all with site.

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