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    Even if they assume I’m not. It’s not like it has ever really came up before I guess or rather I’ve never really cared enough to tell anyone. I doubt anyone outside of the the ace community would even understand my point of view.


    That’s your personal choice to tell anyone. I myself have only confessed it to my sister and one close friend. Everyone else I feel wouldn’t understand, and I don’t even think the two people I told understood either. Besides, my family already thinks I’m an oddball for other reasons ha so this fact would just fuel that fire. Overall, it’s your choice.


    That’s for the outside perspective. I think I might tell someone if it ever comes up.


    I decided to tell friends a few years back during Ace Awareness Week to educate people. I don’t go around and preach, however once I explained what asexual was and all, they admitted they knew I was different but wasn’t sure what it was. Our friendship remained the same, stronger in some ways.


    Well, good think I only talk to ace people for the most part. Plus, I doubt anyone really even cares enough to ask, but I feel like tell my folks and stuff again to try to explain it to them. I hope they might under stand and try to lay off on the whole wife and kids thing.

    Meadow Rain

    I think you should discuss it only with those you want to decide to get into a close relationship with, someone you really love or are a potential marriage partner or a very trustworthy friend. Otherwise I would not mention it just because someone is harassing because they are just as odd by being a hypersexual and there is no reason to put yourself out to people who have worse problems with their sexual identity.

    Jill Gaudio

    I don’t tell anyone anymore. I was very open about it for a while, but then my friends started treating me differently. Not judging or anything, but like if we were at a comedy show and the comedian was doing a sex bit, they would always look sideways at me to see if I was uncomfortable. Or if I was dancing with someone in a club, they would automatically come save me because they thought I was trying to get away.

    They meant well, it was just hard for them to understand. I tried to explain, but it just led to more questions on their part.

    Now that I live in a different city, I don’t tell anyone. I actually wear a wedding ring at work so that everyone thinks I’m married. To friends I just pretend that I am not interested in anyone at the moment.


    Lol sexual people are weird.


    It doesn’t really concern anyone but your partner, in my opinion. But you can tell others if that’s what you want.


    Well, I don’t have a partner. That is partly why I’m on this site lol. So I guess I can just keep it to my self.


    I’m not so interested in active disclosure because I really don’t see it as other people’s business and plus it would be pretty awkward if it was just forcibly brought up, but if ever some conversation gets to a point where it can’t continue without me addressing the issue (ie. someone asks me for advice on a sexual attraction related situation and asks what I would do / what my experiences with past partners have been) then I’m happy to mention it in the context and then move on.

    So – disclosure only when it’s beneficial to the other person.


    Makes sense and sounds like something I’d agree with.

    Honest and Open

    I like reading people saying that they are going to be interviewed on the radio or they are making a video or doing something else to spread awareness. I am grateful for anyone who helps educate people about this condition. We are one of the next waves to be coming up of minorities that need society to be more aware of us, and of how we should be left in peace to be as we are, since we are not hurting anyone. I have just started to put my toe into this community, and already I am thinking about how I will start telling people about my nature, whenever it seems relevant, to open people’s minds to the reality.


    I don’t personally think it matters unless it seems like it might be important.
    The only times I’ve mentioned I’m Asexual is when I’m getting a sense that someone might be aiming for being ‘more than friends’.

    I still think there are a lot of people who don’t understand Asexuality properly, when I told one person (who was asking about my “interests”) about my Asexuality, they just responded with “Don’t think like that, it’s just a phase”. I understand she may have thought I was just lonely but it did make me realise how strange it must be to Hetro people.


    I’ve told people I’m not that interested in sex and just kind of avoid the topic if people start talking about dating or sex. I’ve dated in the past and had sex basically because I felt like I was “behind” other people or might be a late bloomer. Nope – I just hate sex. I’m completely repulsed by it. For me, it’s easier to just not tell anyone and just say I’m not interested in dating anyone right now. It’s nobody else’s business anyways. If someone keeps badgering me for information about my sex or dating life it makes me creeped out anyways and I let them know they’re being creepy. Honestly, it’s always been odd to me how anyone can actually ENJOY sex..


    Yes whats so great about sex anyway?its sweaty and it sometimes smells! 🙂

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