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    I love tattoos, despite not having very many of them (though I’m working on it!) and have always found them to be a great way to get to know people. Most people don’t get a tattoo “just because”. They get it because they want it. Either they think it’s pretty, or cool, or badass, or they want it because it has some sort of special meaning to them.

    Looking at the tattoos a person has can often be like seeing a little bit of their soul, in a way. Seeing their inner beauty printed forever on their skin.

    Or so I think, anyway.. 😉

    So how about we share some of our tattoos? I only have four, and they’re all small. All of them I got at benefits, so the money went to a non-profit organization instead of to a tattoo parlor (though I did tip generously for each of them!)

    Firstly, here’s an image of me GETTING my first tattoo. I had no idea the picture had even been taken until my friend texted it to me later. Gah! Also, I never realized how having my phone in my front pocket could look so awkward, ha ha!


    My first and my most recent tattoo. I’m planning on getting more paws up my side to represent each of my animals, but have them in a rainbow pattern. The purple heart-paw was my first tattoo (the one I was getting in the above picture) and was for my last (deceased) dog, Misty. The blue print is my most recent tattoo and is for my cat Thomas. The money for the purple paw went to the MD SPCA and the money for the blue one went to Bella’s Bully Buddies (a pit bull rescue).


    Then we have my second tattoo, which I got at a benefit that raised money for Luna’s House, another rescue (for dogs/cats/exotics). This one is located on my left shoulder. The artist hand-drew the bird feet for me because the ones they had on display were small and not quite my thing. This is my favorite tattoo as it has a lot of meaning to me (which I won’t bother getting into since I don’t know how many people will care, but feel free to ask if you do!)

    Birdy feets!

    And then my third tattoo which I got at a benefit that raised money for BARCS (the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter). This one is on my left wrist. I wanted it on my right wrist but ended up breaking that wrist JUST before my appointment to get the tattoo done. So left wrist it was, ha ha!

    Paw heart

    I’m planning on getting my first “big” tattoo this winter (it’ll be on my upper arm). I have an artist sketching up the image for me and once he’s done with the final piece I’ll be taking it out with me to find a tattoo artist to do the tattooing 🙂 It’s very exciting!

    So how about you guys? Anyone else in the group have tattoos? Or are there any tattoo ideas that you have and want to get? I’d love to see them!

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