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    Hello, I am Anila from Canada!


    Hiii, I’m Ivan from France. I’m very proud to be asexual and hope I’ll have some nice friends here and why not more 🙂 here I’m sure I won’t chat with perverts. See you soon.


    Hello from London! I’m glad to have found this site. I look forward to making some friends.


    Hi, I’m Colette from the North West of England. Just found this site, after recently realising that I’m Asexual. Hoping to make friends who can understand this and maybe meet someone I can have a relationship with.


    Hello, my name is Avery and I’m looking for new friends and someone possible to have a relationship with. I’m 21 and I live in southern Texas in the USA.

    Carol Kewley

    Hello from Melbourne! I’m Carol, I’m an artist, great to say hi to you and join this site. It’s coming up to spring here, lovely weather.



    Hi, this is JoAnn in New Jersey. I’m a romantic ace. I like art, travel, music, reading and that kind of stuff. I spend more time on AVEN and acebook since those sites seem much more active (not to mention easier to navigate), but I do pop in now and then in the hope that things have picked up. 🙂


    Hi, I am Robert from Los Angeles. I could never really fit in with straight people nor gay, so I have been on my own my entire adult life. I didn’t find the reason I was so different until a few years ago while watching an episode of Doctor Who. Finally knowing doesn’t make life any better. I still feel lonely and still have never been in love. Now that almost everything else is going well in my life, the loneliness hurts even more. I would like someone to share our lives together. I want to feel intimately loved and appreciated and be able to reciprocate. Boy does that sound so much sadder than it really is. LOL. Things are not all bad, I have my best friend of 35 years that understands and supports me. He makes my life feel a lot better, but he can’t give me the intimacy that I need. There I go again, sounding so sad. That is how I say hello. 🙂


    Hi, Robert! As you can see, this forum is packed with women your age who are also lonely and looking for the same thing you are. All you have to do is start the conversation with someone! I suppose women could do the same, but often prefer for men to make the first move.


    Hello from Westchester, NY. It’s lonely to be Gray-A, in my experience.


    Thanks Raell5 for the encouragement and advice. I will search for local women here.


    Hello! My name is Jillian and I live in the Pittsburgh area. Doesn’t seem like too many people on here are in my area, but thought I’d give this a go anyway. Realized the word for me was “asexual” about a year ago now and it has been such a relief. Labels don’t mean much, but somehow it felt good to know I had one. It explained a lot about my reactions to situations in the past and my feelings in relationships. Hoping to use this site to make a few friends. Glad to be on here!


    Hi Everyone! I’m Jeanette and I live in Wells, Somerset, UK. Would love to make new friends 🙂 I hope to eventually find someone who will be my partner and best friend. I love to be emotionally intimate and even enjoy kisses and cuddles, but would love the pressure of not having to have a phyisical relationship. Not only is it unfair on me, it’s unfair on my ex-partners having to find excuses not to have to have sex. Understandably they take it really personally and blame themselves. I would just to have a loving relationship with no pressure! My fingers are crossed!!! lol


    hello, my names andy from wakefield west yorkshire england, hoping to meet new friends. I paint as a hobby, please visit my site here if you like :-
    Also my facebook page, send me a friend request if you like,


    As the avatar would suggest I’m Dave.

    I hail from the Great Southern land – Australia.

    I’m on the wrong side of 50 and coming to the realisation that i’m not “Broken” but rather i’m UNIQUE!

    This last 12-18 months has been an eye opening journey for me and I feel like a teenager again and starting over – what a daunting concept. Funny how it took a television documentary for me to realise that i was looking in the wrong direction for most of my life.

    Anyhow here i am, not knowing what to expect but up for a challenge.

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    Hello Everyone.
    My name is Maria and I live in the UK,London.Hoping to strike up some friendships on the site.


    Hello everyone!
    I’ve just joined looking forward to seeing what happens on this site.


    Hey to everybody! Nice to be here and to meet you!
    My name is Katarina, I lve in Germany, more the south of Germany…
    I´m looking forward to new, likeminded and interesting people!
    And, by the way, I´m sorry, my english is terrible…


    Hi everyone! As I read other’s posts it’s like reading my own thoughts. I’m a happy, successful loving person who couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. Good to meet all of you!

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    Um… Hello, I guess.
    I’m Alex, from Brazil.
    I’m here to make some friends, or find a partner.

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