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    So, I’ve been questioned whether or not I’m asexual. I’ve read a lot of definitions of it and in my experience, I can fall in love but I want a see friendship more than romantic with little affection. People have told me that I can’t be asexual because friendships can be affectionate. Also, I am curious about sex but I would only do it with someone I respect and love, and for me that bond takes Tim to develop. So if someone could help me clear this up a bit that would be great.


    Your asking the same question i’ve been asking myself for years…i love romance or being romantic and giving affection….i have had full sexual relations in the past ..i am also a terrible flirt…but for me sex was never that important , to others its a you said in time..i possilbly would go back to a sexual relationship …but i have not had a full sexual relationship for hmm ten years…and i can’t say i miss it …but i do miss the affection and love only a woman could give am i asexual?..again like you not 100% sure at the moment ..but do i need sex!!…so im slightly confused myself..cheers Paul


    Perhaps we’re demisexual? From what I’ve been told, its being romantically and sexually attracted to your soul mate, and you are both aware of it only she you met for the first time.

    This is all so confusing,but I know that I care for the time, loyalty and friendship that I have with that person.


    Yea! I found out more about my self thanks to you guys. I’m also demi.

    Kyra Wiley

    I’m demi too! You can be affectionate or even have sex and still be asexual. If you’re asexual you never have an intrinsic desire to have sex. If you’re gray-asexual you have the desire for sex very rarely. If you’re demisexual then you want to have sex with someone only after you’ve formed a bond with them romantically.
    So to my understanding if you’re willing to have sex out of curiosity or to please your partner but not to fulfill your personal drive thats asexual.

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