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    I have a problem with a profile options. It´s too simple. I would like to choose both men and women in that section where I have to, but it is not possible. 🙁 I also don´t know how to fill some additional information, not only basic info about myself. Is it impossible because I´m too new here?
    And how to put more than option into hobbies section?



    Hi Lenka,

    I was able to select multiple options for my interests by holding down Ctrl button when you click on the another option in the drop-down box. What type of additional information were you looking to add? I am also new here and it doesn’t give you a whole lot of options for your profile. You may need to add things to your about me if it isn’t available in the profie options. I hope this helps.



    Thank you.:)



    I fixed hobbies section but I´m still unable to choose both man and woman. I don´t necessarily need a boyfriend. A female friend, roommate, “sister” would be cool too. But this web doesn´t enable to click both. 🙁 And some people are biromantic, what are they supposed to choose then? Could it be changed and make both options available, please?

    I can´t write anything in “about me”, it´s not working. I noticed some people have that section in their profile but I can´t find it at all. I don´t know if it is problem with my internet browser or if there´s another problem.



    I couldnt find the “about me” section either. But click the Edit My Profile and scroll all the way down and you’ll see three tabs Basic, Im looking for and About me, write there.

    Regarding the both man and woman part, I have no idea 🙁 sorry



    I felt really uncomfortable having to choose an ethnicity. I know this is more common in some other countries, but it just felt dead wrong. So first I checked “other ethnicity” to sort of state that I didn’t want to be put in a box, but that wasn’t really true either, so now I’m in the box all right. I wish there would’ve been an option to not select one, for those of us that really don’t care. If there’s any subculture in the human race I’m intersted in, it would much rather be like hipster contra Nazi, sort of, you know… Yeah, tha was all from my moral preaching side today.



    I think the designers of this site really did miss the mark. For any dating site have “seeking man” or “woman” as their only options is pretty inexcusable. Also; considering the prevelence on genderqueer, non-binary, trans-yada folk in the online asexual community, having only two gender options is rather limiting as well. I suppose that’s what happens when you have virtually no competition.

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