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    Welp, this group made me a little sad. I got all excited for a second because I thought “Hey! I could meet some cool people in my home state!” And then I came to realize that there weren’t ANY forum posts!

    So I guess I’ll break the ice, here..

    How about posting some neat places in MD? And I don’t mean the stereotypical tourist-trap places like the Inner Harbor or the new Horseshoe Casino.. I mean the little hole-in-the-wall places, your absolute favorite spots, the places that only Marylanders would know about 🙂 (Although I guess tourist-trap places could be fun too, I do LOVE the Aquarium).

    I’ll start: My friend and I just discovered this AMAZING sunflower field in Harford county. It spans FOREVER (apparently it’s like 300 acres. Which is pretty much forever, really) and can be found at Hess Rd and Jarrettsville Pike.


    I didn’t think a whole lot of it until I got there and.. well, it’s pretty magical. Definitely worth checking out if you like flowers, nature, or anything whimsical!

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