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    I am a Pakistani Muslim girl who is 30 years old and on the Asexual Spectrum who is currently legally divorced. I am a demisexual and am actually looking for a life partner for marriage. I think I am either heteroromantic or possibly hetero demiromantic if that is a thing. My preference for an ideal partner is a Sunni Muslim Man who is Asexual or somewhere on the asexual spectrum himself as I will he will be most understanding towards my feelings and obviously someone who is a nice, decent person too. I want someone who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, not because students or those on TR are bad, but because I have had a bad experience. I would also prefer someone with no children as I do want to start my own family eventually. I’m not sure how important this is but a little bit about me. My height is 5’8 and I am not super model skinny so if you are someone whose looking for a beautiful white caucascian Model skinny girl I’m not for you. However, if you can look past appearances and see a person’s genuine heart, we can talk.

    My online alias is – well, you can call me Amy. 5 things I am passionate about:
    – I LOVE LOVE writing fanfiction. I have a very creative mind and love coming up with plots to take my favourite shows or books further than they are.
    – Watching my favourite shows. I like stuff ranging from animation to live action to movies (including Bollywood) and get so excited over my favourite things. In other words, giant dork here.
    – I like cooking. Not super passionate about it but trying different recipes is fun.
    – Reading books! I have read a lot of different series and rather enjoy it. It’s like entering another world for a bit.
    – Spending time with my close friends. I have a small group of friends as I’m an introvert but being with them makes me really happy.

    I reside in Australia. Please respond here or message me before sending a friend request.


    No Muslims are here?

    Malik seya

    I’m here beautiful

    Malik seya

    Will definitely like to get to know you more

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