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    Andrew Harold Burns

    I recently joined, but I’m quickly seeing that there is very little in the way of active participation here. Groups, forums, members, most are quiet and haven’t shown any recent activity in weeks or more. Is this really a good place to be finding love still?

    Tell me there are still people here.


    Hi Andrew. I’ve too have noticed a lack of activity here. I don’t know why. I myself have slacked off too. I still check in here periodically but I’ve moved to such dating apps as Asexual Cupid and Ace Cupid. Problem for me is, as an older ace, is meeting anyone locally and in person. I did once meet and fall in love with my soulmate here on Asexualitic, a woman from Guatemala who was half my age. We discussed and overcame all barriers. We corresponded for a few years. Then, as we were making serious plans to meet in person in each other’s countries, she got ill and died on July 4, 2015. That absolutely devastated. me. So I don’t know if I have a grand point to make, except that maybe, just maybe, it’s possible to make love connections here. I’ve gotten “nibbles” on the other apps I mentioned, but that’s all. I’m sure younger aces would find it easier, though dating is hard no matter one’s age or orientation.



    Hi. I just joined today, but when I see the dates of most of the posts, I thought that probably this site had seen its day and gone away. Where did everyone go? If anyone figures that out, please let us know. I want a lot of very active participants. But I do need to stay realistic about the age factor.

    madison sweet

    The activity level remains about the same as it was in 2014 when I created my profile on here. First time I logged-in in a very long while- 4 or 5 years perhaps.


    I’ve kinda lurked here for a few years before bothering with the full membership, but it’s always been, for me, relatively quiet, never more than 5 people on at a time. Not confident on that membership fee, honestly, but for 10 years, was still cheaper than ace cupid or other alternatives…I can carry a bit of hope right? Haha


    I just joined. I too was hoping to find a good community, but there does not seem to be much here. Well except for this thread. Many profiles I’ve seen have not been active in years. I’m in my 50’s so I’m sure with that finding someone local is tough anywhere. I too paid for the full membership. I’ll keep checking to see if something happens.


    I just joined with full membership.


    I just joined but realised that all the dating profiles I saw on here before joining were active 2-4 years ago.. 😀 Of course they don’t show this before you’ve joined.
    Still, it’s cheaper than asexual cupid and hopefully more user-friendly!


    Hi Ayrin,

    Yes this site is very quiet. But there are a few of us that jump in when we’re notified of activity.



    I just joined as well (and paid for full membership), but it looks like there’s hardly any activity on here.


    There used to be a weekly email digest that notified you of any postings in these forums. Guess that’s broken now as it hasn’t sent me anything since last July. I just came here to see if the site still existed, and obviously there are still some active people.


    I wonder what would be a good way to inject some activity back into the site? How can we have an active and healthy Asexual community to make connections?


    I don’t know the answer, but I feel we should try. Someone (don’t know who) went to the effort of creating this place and some people have paid to become members. Might as well try to make this place active rather than starting something else?


    Well it seems like a few of come back here to answer these or post thoughts on these questions. What if we created a few theme threads to keep conversations going or maybe if we can get some or many of us to participate it might be a good way to liven things up. Also I’m not sure what the fees go to pay for, but an update to this website might be nice too.


    Creating some themed threads certainly seems like a good idea. There is no harm in trying.

    Maddie Lamedica

    I just joined thinking the low price might have encouraged people to pay, but it looks pretty deserted, especially for the age range I’m looking for. They’ve all been active years ago.


    Asexual Cupid really does seem to be the most active of the sites I’ve looked at.

    I’ve had some cool dates and chats from that site.
    Of course it’s hard to find someone in the right area and age range, but I guess that’s to be expected whichever ace site you use.

    But it does seem to be dead on here! Mind you, the membership lasts 10 years… maybe it will pick up and in a years time it will be super expensive and us lifetime subscribers will be laughing!


    Asexual Cupid requires a copy of the driver’s license for “verification”. I’ve never had that before, is it normal?


    I hope so- I just rejoined after years of being away… I loved using this site even as just a way to chat with likeminded people.


    Gee wiz…i got all excited over nothing lol just paid for the membership today and it’s a ghost town around you’re not alone in how you feel.

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