Is there even any life left on this site?

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    Andrew Harold Burns

    I recently joined, but I’m quickly seeing that there is very little in the way of active participation here. Groups, forums, members, most are quiet and haven’t shown any recent activity in weeks or more. Is this really a good place to be finding love still?

    Tell me there are still people here.


    Hi Andrew. I’ve too have noticed a lack of activity here. I don’t know why. I myself have slacked off too. I still check in here periodically but I’ve moved to such dating apps as Asexual Cupid and Ace Cupid. Problem for me is, as an older ace, is meeting anyone locally and in person. I did once meet and fall in love with my soulmate here on Asexualitic, a woman from Guatemala who was half my age. We discussed and overcame all barriers. We corresponded for a few years. Then, as we were making serious plans to meet in person in each other’s countries, she got ill and died on July 4, 2015. That absolutely devastated. me. So I don’t know if I have a grand point to make, except that maybe, just maybe, it’s possible to make love connections here. I’ve gotten “nibbles” on the other apps I mentioned, but that’s all. I’m sure younger aces would find it easier, though dating is hard no matter one’s age or orientation.


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