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    Who wants to make new chat buddies?!

    My name is Avery. I am currently 21. That mught change soon. :p I am into almost anyone who is into me and if I like their personality.


    Hi~ My Name is Lolo, I’m 19
    I live in the USA and I am in my second year of University. I’m studying to become a radiologist. Its really nice to meet you!


    You can call me Andee. I’m 31 years old and Im looking for people to talk too on here. Frequently when I go online and chat on kik or misc. chat rooms people are always into sex oriented conversation. Im not interested in doing that with anybody Im not in a relationship with, let alone strangers. Im just looking for online friends to talk to about life, general things, paranormal things, sharing opinions, etc. I fall into the realm of demi sexual. I dont really feel attraction unless I feel a emotional affinity and that takes for me to get a know a person but again, I am just looking for friendship and to put my fifteen dollars to good use (Ive never paid to be on a website before). 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!


    Hi all,

    I am an Australian Sydneysider, recently joined, keen to talk with some other aces here, also thinking about checking out some of the Sydney meetups.



    I’m Alice, a 26 year old vet living in the British midlands. Just moved there, so don’t know many folks around me right now, hence trying to meet some more people to talk to (Hoorah for the Internet!)


    Hello everybody, my name is Lorena, 32 years old. I am from Spain but I have been living in US (Florida) for a while. Also looking for people to chat and make new friends in the community. I am a science geek, a comic nerd, a movie enthusiast and loove literature (any one wants to geek up?). but I also enjoy the outdoors world, traveloing, been out with friends, exploring the city and the occasional hike.
    Feel free to send me a private if you feel like chatting about anything and everything. Pretty new around here,too.

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    Hey there 🙂 my name is Holly-Helen, 18 from the UK and very bad at introductions. hmu if you fancy a chit chat


    Hello, my name is Tanya and I’m from Maryland. I have a broad range of interest that ranges from creative writing to conspiracy theories. I love to travel, and I’m an aspiring screen writer.



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    Hi I’m Dave. 47 years old ( do not let that put you off!) still act like a 25 year old! Just looking to meet someone to be part of my life, without me having all the issues of a partner who disappears to get their sexual gratification somewhere and then spends forever lying to me to cover it up! I’m 100% loyal to 1 person but everyone i have dated recently has used the sex thing as a way of cheating. I was hoping this site was different in that we start with expectations all defined. By the way things are going there are no asexual women in Devon that are looking for a partner of any description……. Prove me wrong please!😎


    Hello you all,
    very different people here! It is nice. How about a conversation starter? I am not sure how personal everybody wants to get (not even myself) but Devon wrote a couple of very interesting points in his introduction.
    For me it is difficult to date somebody, at some point I get ansious about the expectations and the fun of getting to know someone starts to fade away.
    That is my main reason to enter here, I agree with Devon where he said starting with well defined expectations might help.

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