I wish this site would let you pick both male and female.

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    I’d kill to have that as an option here. The men on this site seem more active any how.


    Yes I would like to chat to men and women also,for occasional friendship really but you never know?im mainly looking for ace girlfriend but sometimes im drawn to guys if we click:)


    I agree!

    Lia Thiessen

    I wish that as well, and there should be an app. I’m thinking of making an app for Ace dating / friendship. There doesn’t seem to be one. This site feels dead. It says it is for both friendship and dating, but then asks if you are seeking a man or woman as if you should have to choose. I have found that you can search for both simply by not specifying on the search form.


    @lia thiessan you should definitely make an app if you are able to. this site is so unactive it seems and it would be nice to have the option to look at choose a multitude of genders when seeking others.


    I do to. I am panromantic, so the gender of a potential partner is not a worry for me. I’d love to have that option.

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    I’m the same way, I’d love to chat to both!


    I second that. And i’d like to add ‘in between’ as well, because i simply don’t care, and i’m only a right fit for people who don’t care either.


    I’ve been on this site since it started and I’m still amazed they don’t have that as an option. I’d also like better gender options for myself, nb aces are kind of shafted. I haven’t been on the site in a long time and I was thinking about getting back into it, but it seems there haven’t been any improvements to the site since the last time I used it, which is sad.


    Right? I keep coming back and switching back and forth between male and female in the looking for option. It’s really kind of annoying. They should have the option by now, considering the site’s been up for ages.


    yes! Omg I want an app so badly. If I had the coding skills I would do it in a heartbeat. With easier messaging systems and all that. An ace version of tinder or something without the obvious lustful intentions would be kind of cool.

    Sarah Thompson

    It’s really annoying because I fall in love with who the person is and not their gender. It’s really frustrating that you can’t pick both and that your options get so limited. I’ve also found that when I’m matched with someone, male or female, they don’t have anything on their profiles and haven’t had any activity for almost 3 years.

    Meadow Rain

    but still the question would be… are you romantically seeking male or Female or looking for (male) or (female) as a friend …so one could still the state same as already placed there. Still confusing..
    This question could also mean do you want to be mentioned as male and female or neither. I often do not check that space when stating my opinion on internet nor do I state my age.

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    Yes I agree. I was surprised that they didn’t have a “both” option.


    They kind of do have a “both” option. When you’re doing a search, if you leave the “Looking for” option empty then your search will find both sexes, presumably those who are also looking for someone of your sex.

    time machine

    I wish I can make a profile for my cat. He was neutered before I got him but I’m sure he’d like to meet other asexual felines. 😀


    Neutered doesnt equal ace of course 😛

    But like i said, this is all very frustrating for non-binary and trans folks. 🙁

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