I want get married one day, hopefully not ending up alone (and very lonely)

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    Well, I just found out about this website and made me happy. I’m 32 years old and I want to be somebody’s wife one day. I have been hopeless in “the real world”, everybody else think sex is such big deal and I think there’s more than that in life. Currently I feel very lonely, perhaps depressed because I have no one to go back home to. I hope I can find someone in this website that thinks like me. So, come talk to me! 🙂

    new in town

    Hi Ana,
    I read your message and had to message you that you can feel very lonely in a marriage too. It ‘s not a guarantee (I’ve been there!). We humans want to share our life with another person, so it ‘s quite normal your ‘re feeling that way!. Maybe you can start a group here and ask other members who live in the same country as you to get together ones for a dinner in a restaurant, so you won’t be feeling lonely all the time. Remember love is a verb, so if you want to get married you have to invest your time in finding the right person. Good luck with that 🙂


    I meant I would like to marry someone like me. I cannot imagine spend the rest of my life having the obligation of sex 3 times a week just to please my partner. 🙂


    I know exactly what you mean. I’ve recently come out of doing some field work amongst the allosexuals, and I just as confused as ever as to why they (heteros in particular) want to mate so much. O.o Not to be crude here, but you can get the same kind of sensations by masturbating.. Why bother with the outcome of undesired pregnancy and stds?

    I used to be in the ‘I could put up with it’ crowd of aces, but not anymore. Glad I sorted that out before I got into a life long relationship haha. 😉

    And I think I can empathize with what you want. As much as I actually enjoy being alone, I still want to have a partner – or a couple of partners of different sorts, if I can’t find one life partner. It’s just the knowledge that someone’s got your back, someone who knows you like no one else. I don’t think I’ll ever be legally married, but I like the idea of being joined in spirit. Like brothers, or sisters.. siblings. Gang members. Clansmen. Best friends. Rivals. Partners. I wonder sometimes how many people, asexual or otherwise, have something like that – because it seems darn hard to find.


    I completely understand how you feel. I have a couple of suited, but they want a sexual relationship for the most part and I just want a deep emotional connection with someone without the need for sex… Why do people only care about getting messed up and having sex?


    Unfortunately for us, we’re living in a world where the sex is the subject number 1. I’m like you, I can’t imagine a single life. I’m 23 so I’ve got time but I hope I’ll find a woman and have a sincere relationship only based on love, true love 🙂


    My last relationship ended 11 years ago now. I’ve only recently realised that I’m Asexual, always thought I was weird! I would love to have a relationship, possibly marriage with someone similar, always thought that I was asking the impossible really as everyone says that sex is important in a relationship and from past experience that’s all men seem to want. I’ve tried (got a 24 year old son) but was just going through the motions and hating every minute of it.

    Hopefully we will all find what we want – this site gives me more hope than I had this time last week anyway 🙂


    At the very least we can make some new friendsvto talk with that understand each other in this aspect of life.


    Yeah this website is a benediction for me^^ I know I’ll talk only with aces and not a girl who wants only sex. Very pitty there are not too much people here but I’m optimist and I just have to be patient.
    I know there is in this world a girl with whom I’ll be happy, get a wedding and children.
    We are humans like everybody so we have right to have a normal life, right to love, right to have children, right to get married…

    Sean S

    Finally, some people on my wavelength. I’ve just discovered the forum on here and reading peoples thoughts don’t make you feel as alone.


    I hear you 🙂 As a child I had a close friend from the age of about 7 through to 16. We were so close we were like twins. So close we could pretty much have a conversation without speaking. Then she started dating and ended up getting pregnant at 16 and moving away with her partner. I was left behind and I never made another connection like that. I know what it’s like to have someone who’s been there along the way. Walking through life with you. I wish I could have that again but now that I’m grown, it seems you can only have that through a sexual connection.


    That’s my story too- very lonely – wish i had children – not knowing what to do- there’s no line of dates in front of my door- the gray-A thing doesn’t up my chances…

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