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    Hi all, been single for ..hmm well nearly forever ..bit sad i know , but now i’ve realise that i really do miss the love n cuddles from another person that i used to enjoyed so much in the past…but everyone seems to be either up North or living in London.. i live in East Devon and i never even knew there was anybody else out there that felt the same way as me ( male or female )….so i’m not a weirdo cus i don’t want a full on sexual relationship ….but i think i might have left it too late to find the right person…hmm ok i’ll keep looking on here it would be amazing to find someone without the pressures of sex….just for a change..cheers PBDD


    Hi PBDD

    Unfortunately I get attracted to younger foreign guys, I don’t mind having British guy friends – although I lead such a busy life with multiple jobs so I have to book up times to meet my friends – that includes friends I have known for years. I live in Exeter. I am waayyyyyyy young for my age and very quirky, so I only enjoy doing younger things (like a teenager or person in their early 20s) and feel uncomfortable doing normal older things. I don’t like travelling – apart from to Disneyland Paris last year and to London for business. I know you do love travelling.

    I just wanted you to know that there are other asexuals out there and near you. I have met a few in the UK. I am on Aven in the South West meet up thread – Although Aven isn’t a dating site – I have been told off twice for that.


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