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    So I had made my profile a year ago but hadn’t been active in that long (whoops). I’ve been trying to reach out to other asexuals, but it turns out that there are not any near me. Which Kind of bums me out since I would really like to be friends with people who… hm… how should I say this… “Get me”. My besties are accepting of what I am… they are beautiful for it too… but i still feel that emptiness because I am not friends with any other asexuals.

    And sure, i sometimes feel that “loneliness” for companionship, but that will come in time, i guess.

    Has anyone had any luck on here?


    Hi ive personnaly found that people generally are a bit scared of leaving there comfort
    zones even if you live quite close to somebody.I did meet one loverly asexual girl last year and we got on fine and stayed intouch for a time.But she already had a close male friend,so it didnt really lead into a full loving grey friendship/relasionship,but im sure it is possible I except it can be frustrating sometimes.

    Good look in your search anyway



    I’m new here but over the years of meeting people I’ve only met one Asexual (and aromatic) person. Unfortunately, although I think she was okay with being around me, she tended to walk off a lot which I think is her way of showing she’s lost interest in whatever was going on.
    I’m always up for making new friends but it’s proving quite difficult for a multitude of reasons, the main two being that other people don’t talk to me very often and I can’t get close to girls without them getting the wrong idea.

    I hope you’ll at least have more luck then I’m having though.

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