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    I think people have an implicit understanding. There are too many cues from lifestyle and behaviors. The real issue is that many asexuals are odd in other ways, whether that is intellect or a psychological condition or peculiar social needs, and that complicates understanding for them and with the people they interact.



    To answer your question my family and friends don’t know. Unless they find my profile here it’ll stay that way. I know what your trying to say about asexuals being odd in some type of way but I don’t have any problems sexual people dont have. Whatever makes us asexual goes beyond a psych problem. I mean we’re talking our primitive urge to procreate doesn’t exist here lol.

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    I live in a fairly liberal, open-minded community and even people here struggle to understand the idea of asexuality. I don’t really take my sexuality super seriously, so asexuality is more of a way for me to explain how I feel to people.

    My friends all accept it even if they don’t understand it and most don’t care. Some were confused because I have in the past had sex, and thought that knocked me out of the ace community for good. I explained it as that even if I have had sex, I don’t regularly do it and have no desire now that I’ve embraced my asexuality. I’ve gotten to the point where when I mention it to a new friend, they ask a few questions and move on.

    My family is a little different. My siblings don’t care, but I’ve only openly spoken about it to my dad’s side of the family. My dad doesn’t understand it and had dismissed it in the past as a phase. It doesn’t affect our relationship much because I know he loves me even if he doesn’t think of my sexuality the way I wish he would. My dad and step-mom have mentioned in the past that they worry for my future. It seems like most of their worries come from the idea that I won’t be able to find love/have children, which I have explained is not the case.

    I would say it’s best to bring it up in a casual manner, and know how you want to explain it before you bring it up if you’re nervous. Don’t give in, but don’t be rude about it either if they’re confused/rude about it at first.


    Connor Baldwin

    I’ve stayed “in the closet” about this to the point where I use a pen-name for my profile and posts on here, because I don’t want to accidentally come out by somebody finding something I wrote on the Internet. Maybe someday I’ll come out, but it’s hard when you’re from a super conservative family that still isn’t sure how it feels in general about LGBT-type issues. It just seems easier to not poke the bear, especially as I’m a heteroromantic ace.



    I want to say I’m open, but it’s more of if someones asks, I tell them. Aside from that, I’ve come out of the closet with my family, but none of them believe me. My parents are still waiting for me to find ‘the right one.’ Whatever that means.



    My oldest son knows because he kept saying I was gay because I liked men. I told him I’m asexual, I’m not even dating. I told my best friend and she understood why I felt that way. She knows that I sadly don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like so she didn’t blame me there. What sucks is feeling like the only Ace in the state practically.

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