Asexuality Discovery and Gender Identity LIVE Interview, Tonight, 7pm UK Time!

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    To celebrate Asexual Awareness Week, on my channel, I have been doing a series of videos about asexuality to raise awareness and understanding. Tonight, at 7pm UK time GMT, I have a live interview with my Asexual best friend who identifies as Non-binary. So I will be talking to them about how they first discovered they are asexual and about gender identity, particularly what is means to be non-binary! Make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon so you get notified of every time I go live or post a new video on my Asexualise channel. I try to live stream every day usually after 11pm at night and you can catch up with it afterwards if you miss an episode. Tonight’s episode is at the much earlier time of 7pm and you can ask them any questions you like in the live chat. Get all your questions answered there and then!

    If you have any friends who are questioning whether they may be asexual or not, please share this video about signs you may be asexual!

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