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    My ASEXUAL PERSPECTIVES: LOVE. LIFE AND SEX, ACElebration of Asexual Diversity book is now out on Amazon Kindle. I interviewed 46 asexuals around the globe for it, some of whom came from this site!

    In broad terms Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction, but what does this actually mean for those who identify with this sexual orientation? And what do asexuals really think of love, life and sex?

    Whilst all asexuals have one thing in common – the lack of sexual attraction towards a specific person, we are all different in our likes, needs, wants and dislikes. This can make fitting into the asexual spectrum and finding a suitable relationship difficult.

    Right now, there are a number of myths about asexuality and stereotypes – even within the asexual community, about what asexuals do and do not like, should and should not do, and these need to be addressed and broken through!

    If you identify as asexual do you –

    Struggle to have a voice in this sexualized world?
    Feel alone?
    Left out?
    Not recognised?
    Have no one to relate to?
    Find it difficult to find others like you?
    Feel like everyone is speaking a foreign language where sex is concerned?

    Or are you unsure of your identity and sometimes get confused and you want to know what asexuals really think of Love, Life and Sex, and what experiences they have had or are having; and how they manage their relationships? If so, then look no further than this book. In this book you will discover asexuals who feel just like you.

    In this book I will reveal my own asexual perspective and personal story as well as perspectives from 46 asexuals around the globe; dispelling myths and breaking stereotypes; sharing their own personal journey to help you in yours and with a surprising over-riding message!

    In this book you will:

    •Learn the asexual perspectives of Aromantics; Heteroromantics; Homoromantics; Panromantics; Grey Aces; Demi-sexual; Biromantic; Agender; Transgender; Polyamorous and many more.

    •Uncover Asexuals’ deepest fears, concerns and worries about being asexual.

    •Find out possible reasons why, in general, society does not accept asexuality as a sexual orientation in its own right and what we can do about this to change the world!

    •Discover what asexuals really believe are the differences between sexual attraction, sexual desire and arousal.

    •Find out what asexuals really think of nudity; porn; masturbation; BDSM and kinks.

    •Discover what it feels like to have sex as an asexual and how to cope with the sexualized world that we live in.

    •Find out what asexuals think about living together, about marriage and about having kids.

    •Discover what an ideal asexual relationship would look like and whether asexuals believe a relationship with a sexual would be fair or not.

    •Uncover the positives about being asexual.

    •Find out what advice asexuals would give to a younger version of themselves regarding asexuality and what advice they would give to others who are just discovering they may be asexual.

    I feel truly blessed that all interviewees have been willing to open up and share their most intimate moments, thoughts, feelings and emotions with you. What you are about to read is unique, amazing, interesting, sometimes candidly humorous, fascinating and insightful. This is their story, now it’s their time to tell it.

    If you have resonated with any of these points and you want to know more, please invest in this book and scroll up and add to cart!

    Heteroromantic Author Sandra Bellamy, is the founder of, with products, resources and services for asexuals. She sees herself as an ambassador for asexuality and is on a mission to get asexuality recognised as a sexual orientation in its own right throughout the globe so that no asexual has to live in fear of ridicule ever again. By purchasing this book you will gain a deeper understanding of this often misunderstood sexual orientation and help to spread awareness of asexuality at the same time. We may be small in numbers, but we can still make a huge difference to the world at large and celebrate our diversity.

    At the moment this book is free to read on Kindle Unlimited and priced inexpensively, it will be on free promotion for 5 days only at some point, but I don’t have a date yet. So if you cannot wait here are the links:
    To buy on
    To buy on

    It will be available in the printed edition.

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    Good for you Sandra, but I think I’ll stick to readijg books by licensed professionals. I think a book like this would do better being sold to the family members of the ace communities and none ace people.


    Hi Alexander

    Have you read it before making that judgement?

    This book is written for asexuals and asexuals are telling their own personal stories to help other asexuals and giving their advice. None asexuals can also learn from it – a couple of asexuals have already been reading it and are finding it really helpful and empowering. I have interviewed 46 asexuals around the globe for this book and I have about another 15 people asking to take part in a second edition which I have not given the go ahead for yet. This Asexual Perspectives book will help so many asexuals to understand the huge spectrum, bust through stereotypes and raise awareness. I have been working on this book since March/April last year and it is something I am very proud of and I know it will help many asexuals who feel they are put into a box or can’t be themselves, to know they can be who they are and not what society or even some of those within the asexual community tells them they can be.


    It’s just a personal opinion and from me being an asexual person. I do not need to know about it. I can always talk with others or use google to learn more. Please refrain from getting defensive when people are trying to help you by giving you feed back. Also, I only read psychology books, papers, and ect that have been written by professionals. So I can get accurate information. 🙂


    I think you are brave and helpful to write such a book. I’m sure many aces will relate to your publication.


    Hi Rachel

    Yeah, thank you. I really appreciated that and I am glad you can see and appreciate my bravery. I otherwise had really positive feedback about it. One person said he felt like waving the book around to his family and friends which is really nice and he could relate to the pizza analogy of how an asexual views sex.

    Thanks for your support


    Cool ! Wish I’d been interviewed haha.


    Hi Ashleigh – I have about 14 people waiting to see if another version is made. Will have to monitor it, still working on the printed version of this first one.


    Cool! It’s about time someone wrote a book about asexuals dealing with being asexual in a highly sexualized world. I hope I can order and read it soon. I will recommend it to my local library systems (two of the largest in the world). I can’t believe I’ve never bought nor read a book about asexuals and asexuality, not only because I have known about other asexuals for eleven and a half years but also, because this issue affects me and my quality of life everyday. It’s so hard to find someone suitable for a loving relationship. Lonelinesss and lovesickness are not two of my favorite things! I hope to immerse myself in this book very soon. Finally, a book about love and life I could identify with!!!


    Hi Noora, thank you so much. Yes, this book is exactly as you describe. It is about real asexuals sharing their real life experiences about love, life and sex. 46 of them and me. I looked at the reviews of other books and noticed that is what was lacking, real asexuals, telling others what life is really like for them in the real world. No scientific study, no just theory, real life struggles and dilemmas that are relatable.

    I am publishing it in printed format using Amazon very soon. Just got the cover to redo for the printed version. Let me know what the libraries say. It will only have an Amazon ISBN code for Amazon but they should still be able to order it from them. To buy barcodes is £170 and takes time to process. So rather than wait to save that sort of money I just though to get on with it as I have a waitng list for the printed edition.



    Hi Sandra, I’ve seen you all over the forums on here, and think your book looks very interesting/useful, especially i imagine for people new to these labels/ideas etc. And wanting to broaden their knowledge on The subject. Gz on getting it published 🙂


    Hi A, thank you so very much, I really appreciate your kind words. I have interviewed 46 asexuals around the globe for this book and I think their answers are very relatable even though they are diverse across the spectrum – I learnt a lot myself from writing this book. It will really hope those who have also identified as ace for quite some time and who have struggled to find suitable friends or relationships, and especially as there is a lot of ace lingo in it and inside puns and humour – that to a non-ace person would be a bit baffling.


    Really pleased to say that the print version of my 560 page Asexual Perspectives book is now available to buy on Amazon here You may have noticed that the cover has slightly changed to now say 47 Asexual Stories – hence why it is such a big book. And to celebrate this book going into print and Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month, #APAM, the Kindle version of my Asexual Perspectives book, will be available for FREE for 5 days ONLY, wherever you can get Kindle books, as not all countries sell them. This is a never to be repeated offer, from Sunday July 9th-Thursday 13th of July 2017, UK time. Here is the link you need to click through to get the offer. All that I ask is that you please leave a review on Amazon to help other asexuals and to raise more awareness of asexuality. Enjoy, and thanks for all your support and interest. xxxx

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